Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Very Happy (and Belated) 10th Birthday Cori!

 My dark haired, blue eyed little boy is now a decade old! Hard to believe isn't it?!

He is still very much the sme boy hes' always been. He loves to "collect" random and odds bits of things like keys, chains, marbles, pretty much anything he can find. He also has a very well developed sense of sarcasm, courtesy of his father, I'm sure. He is very much a tease and likes to joke around with others, but especially adults.

He has these big, bright, eyes, that sparkle when he's up to something...usually that he's not supposed to be up to. Did I mention he likes to tease?

Cori is still one of the neatest of our kiddos, preferring to keep his stuff tucked neatly away where no one will find it. He likes to be goofy and silly which can sometimes get him in trouble. His favorite books to read are about disasters, and he currently is fascinated with the Titanic shipwreck. You can often hear him singing all over the house as he goes about his day, which might annoy his siblings just a little bit, but I happen to enjoy.

One of my favorite things about Cori is how much he loves little kids and babies. He just loves to help them and take care of them. If there are younger kids around, it a good bet that you'll find them with Cori. I also have loved getting to home school him this school year. He is very smart and picks up on things quickly, especially math, as long as we skip the Common Core method and do it the right way.

Cori is very loving and likes to help others out. He often tries to keep his younger siblings happy and plays with them outside often. Despite his ornery side, he is a very loving and sweet boy. We're so glad he's part of our family!

All About Me
1. Who is your favorite person in the whole world? Mom
2 What is your favorite color? Blue
3. What is your favorite show? Multiplicity
4. What is your favorite thing to wear? My shoes
5. What song do you love best? A Child's Prayer
6. What's your favorite breakfast?  Pancakes
7. Who's your best friend? Chase
8. What do you want to be when you grow up? Chef
9. What's your favorite book? I Survived
10. What are you really good at? Math
11. Where do you want to go on vacation? Disney World
12. What would you buy if you had $1000? A mansion
13. What is you best memory? Going to the Trampolazerockball Park
14. What vegetable do you hate the most? Broccoli
15. What would you wish for? A phone
16. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Cookies and Cream
17. Who is your biggest hero? Batman
18. What do you like to do with your friends? Play games
19. What is your favorite sport? Soccer
20. What would you like to do before your next birthday? Go to Montana

And now his perceptions of us:

All about my Mom
1. How old is your Mom? 37 years old
2. What is your Mom's favorite color? Blue
3. What is your Mom's favorite food? Waffles
4. How tall is your Mom? 5 foot 7 inches
5. What shoe size does she wear? 10
6. What is her favorite TV show? Sherlock 
7. What time does your Mom wake up in the morning? 7
8. What does you Mom do while you're at school? Teach me!
9. What is your Mom's first name? Jennifer
10. What do you like best about your mom? She's fun!

All about my Dad
1. How old is your dad? 39
2. How much does dad weigh? 109lbs
3. What is Dad's favorite food? Donuts
4. How much can your Dad lift? 100lbs
5. What's Dad's job? Engineer
6. What does Dad do at work? Math
7. What is your favorite thing to do with Dad? Help him.
8. How tall is your Dad? 5 foot 10 inches
9. What do you like best about your Dad? He's creative.
10. What is your Dad's first name? Robert


Robert Allen