Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Conversations to Remember

So, I was talking to Eddie and Kailyn about his upcoming surgery tomorrow and how they will cut open his tummy to fix his belly button. The following conversation ensued:
K: Can I go too?
Me: No, you have to stay home. There's nothing to do except sit in a room.
K: But I want to see the room!
Me: No, you can't come.
E: Yeah, KK, it's jangerous...Is it jangerous mom?
Me: No Eddie, it's not dangerous. It's just boring.
E: Yeah it's boring KK........Is there a baby in my tummy mommy? 
Me: What do you think Eddie?
E: Hehe...No! 
Me: Ok. 
E: Mom, will they cut my foot open if it hurts?
Me: No Eddie. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Visiting Big Brutus

Meet Big Brutus!

He is the 2nd largest electric shovel in the WORLD and he lives here in KS!! I've lived my entire life in KS and didn't know about him but now, we're well acquainted. A few interesting facts:

He is 16 stories tall
He weighs 11 million pounds (Makes me seem so much thinner!!)
He took 11 months to build.
He's a little slow, with a top speed of .22 mph (Yes, that's a decimal point there!)
In his last month of operation his electric bill was $27,000.
But that's small change compared to his original $6.5 million price tag!

Anyway, Sterling and Emmy's school (LVS)hosted a "field trip" to go see Big Brutus today. I only had the 4 younger kids as Sterling and Emmy are still out of state having their own adventures; One in Texas and the other at Lake Powell. And I'd have to say it was a hit! 

 The kids LOVED getting to climb up into Big Brutus and sit in the operator's chair. It's quite a nice view from in there, but it was awfully warm! When it was in operation, the cab was air conditioned...but not anymore. Can you imagine driving this thing?
And here's the view looking out from the side. And we're not even close to the top. Of course, due to insurance rules, you can no longer climb all the way up to the top of the boom. (Dang!) 
And this is the. . .yeah, I don't remember. . . .a great big spool with great big thread?? Whatever it is, it was probably important and did something. Perhaps it was where the cables for the dipper attached? I really can't remember. But it was big, so it was picture worthy!

 And speaking of big, here's how small the kiddos are in comparison to the crawlers and the dipper. The dipper itself has a capacity of 90 cubic yards which is enough to fill 3 railroad cars. 

 And to give you some perspective on just how ginormously, monstrously, huge Big Brutus is, try finding my kids in the following three pictures. (Like "Where's Waldo?" but "Where's Bidwell?" instead!)

So, yeah, it's kinda big. ;-)

  There are several other things to see there, but the one that the kids were second most interested in was the 1920 Page Dragline. I didn't take a picture of it (my kids were less than thrilled that I took ANY pictures at all!) but you can see a picture of it HERE. It looks like a house with a crane attached on the front, sitting on railroad tracks. The kids liked pretending to drive that one too. There were knobs and handles and foot pedals. . . all kinds of fun things to pull and push on! If you'll look closely, you can see that Kailyn even brought her new baby doll with her and she is helping her drive. 

And here's is a group selfie just to prove that I was in fact there. :-)
You're welcome!

Robert Allen