Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Eddie!

Amazingly this little trouble maker has made it to 4 years old! My very last baby is growing into a little boy and it makes me sad. For his birthday we had an impromptu "party on Saturday evening when Clara and the kids were in town. We had a bonfire and roasted hot dogs and made tinfoil dinners. The kids ran around like little crazy people! The cake was store bought (yeah, I'm getting lazy in my old age) but oh well! Eddie didn't seem to care.

Earlier in the day my mom came and took Eddie out shopping for his birthday. He picked out a couple of Beyblades (a current obsession of his thanks to the cartoon) and a Pokemon (yet another obsession). He was so excited to come home and play with them that he decided to skip going out to CiCi's for lunch with Grandma. Weirdo kid! We gave him some BeyWheels, Beyblades and 2 Bey Stadiums to play with them on. Spoiled boy! He is an active, goofy and somewhat bossy little boy. He loves Beyblades and Pokemon. He likes to go swimming and has become much more adventurous this year in the pool. He even likes to be brave and put his face in the water. He is definitely all boy! Doing his interview was pretty fun, especially since he answered nearly every question starting with "uummm...hmmm...uhh..." said in a high pitch like he was really thinking about it. Cracked me up! So here's a look into a 4 year old's mind:

All About Me
1. Who is your favorite person in the whole world?
2 What is your favorite color? and orange and pink and lellow and blue and purple! 
3. What is your favorite show? Pokemon and a movie that who doesn't like a baby (Labyrinth)
4. What is your favorite thing to wear? Orange shirt and a monster one and a pirate one and short sleeves only with a whole white in it! 
5. What song do you love best? Let It Go
6. What's your favorite breakfast?  Froot Loops
7. Who's your best friend? Umm, hmm, KK!
8. What do you want to be when you grow up? ummm, hmm, a Mom! 
9. What's your favorite book? Ummm...hmmm! Umm...the snowman book.
10. What are you really good at? Umm...I don't know...books and cereal!
11. Where do you want to go on vacation? I don't know.
12. What would you buy if you had $100? A toy! 
13. What do you do for fun? Wif KK and my frisbee and I like to frow it!
14. What is your favorite animal? Elephants and Tigers and lions and monkeys and seals.
15. Why do you want to be a 4 year old? Because I wanna hop just like a little kid and hop wif one leg! And I will be invisible!

And now his perceptions of us:

All about My Mom
1. How old is your Mom? 6 years old
2. What is your Mom's favorite color? Purple and Pink 
3. What is your Mom's favorite food? Dinner and breakfast and lunch!
4. How tall is your Mom? uhhh...hmmm...Tall! Your legs are tall!
5. What shoe size does she wear? Purple. Your feet are tall!
6. What is her favorite TV show? Dance Moms
7. What time does your Mom wake up in the morning? 5. 
8. What does you Mom do while you're at school? I don't know!
9. What is your Mom's first name? umm, ummm Jennifer.
10. What do you like best about your mom? Becuase she's nice.

All about your Dad
1. How old is your dad? 10 years old
2. How much does dad weigh? 10lbs
3. What is Dad's favorite food? He likes to eat anyfing! He doesn't eat anyfing!
4. How strong is your Dad? Like dis (show muscles). Hard!
5. What's Dad's job? Buy gummy worms.
6. What does Dad do at work? Help people at work. 
7. What is your favorite thing to do with Dad? Um play wif him.
8. How tall is your Dad? Bigger just like mom. Like dis tall!
9. What do you like best about your Dad? I like him if he buys some gummy worms.
10. What is your Dad's first name? Robert.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Catching Up With the Crew

 For Mother's Day, back in May, these three adorable kiddos of mine made me breakfast in bed. I had scrambled eggs and toast with juice. Joe made the eggs, Emmy did the toast and juice and Kailyn kept coming upstairs to check to see if I was awake yet and if I was hungry. Cute kiddos!

Emmy also wrote me these three poems for Mother's Day. I really think this girl has a future in greeting cards. ;-)

Mother's Day
Mom, Mom that's all they say
Why can't it be dad for a day?
Their crying, their screaming,
the dishes need cleaning,
so that's why I ran away
on mother's day.

Just Wait
I need a break
for heavens sake
every day
I need to fake
being sick
I just can't wait
until it is
mother's day.

A Mother's Job
A mother's job is to clean
A father's job os to be mean
I love you mom
And even when your mad
I think your the best mom I've ever had.

 KK and Eddie both went to the dentist in May. Eddie had a great check up but KK had two cavities...apparently we need to work on flossing. Still they both got xrays and did really well. Only a few tears were shed during the xray process.

Emmy went and graduated 5th grade this year! Yay!! She had her final band concert and played really well. When I talked to her band director after the concert he said, "She's a MONSTER on that trombone!" Apparently he told the middle school director that he'd have a really great trombone player next year in Emmy. Another fun thing Emmy did before school ended was her 5th grade trip to Power Play. I went along with her and got to ride on the bus. She even wanted to sit with me on the way there. She's such a beautiful girl! Then I got to follow her and her friends around playing games like Lazer Tag, Go Karts and the Tilt-a-Whirl. I only did that once...anymore and I might have thrown up! It was a super fun day and I loved getting to spend it with her!

Additionally, the 5th graders had history day when they dressed up like someone they admired and pretended to be statue. They had "buttons" drawn on their hands that when you pushed they would give a small speech about that person. Emmy choose Laura Ingalls Wilder. KK and Eddie came with me and though it was funny! Finally we had Emmy's 5th Grade Celebration. Each kid had a short paragraph read a paragraph about the student and their plans for the future. Emmy wanted to be a teacher and have 2 kids, a boy and a girl. They also had a slide show with 3 pictures of each kid growing up. It was really sweet and cute. Afterwards we moved into the gym for cupcakes and root beer floats. They also had some photo booths and karaoke set up. The kids played around and the adults sat and talked. Then we had a balloon release outside. It was a fun evening, especially for the kids! Next year, Emmy will be in 6th grade and we will be home schooling her and Sterling. I hope that it all goes well!

 KK also graduated preschool this year. Next yera she will be a kindergartner! Hard to believe! She and Joe and Cori will continue to go to school for now but if homeschooling goes well, I may end up homeschooling them all within the next few years. Especially since our super awesome principal left! We are soooo going to miss her!!

This is Joe and his teacher from this past year. He moved into her class halfway through the year because of some changes in the 3rd grade classrooms and he thrived there! He was a bit leery of leaving his original teacher but he ended up loving his new teacher just as much! Poor boy was in tears the last day of school because he was going to miss her.

 These girls always steal my heart! They are besties and you can see it whenever they are together. These girls have practically been raised together! And I think of Lee and Abby as my other daughters. I love to listen to and watch them play together. I hope they have the chance to keep this friendship forever! One of their favorite things to do at the pool this summer is to "play sunbathing"! They get their towels and snacks and lay out on the chairs at the pool. So stinkin' cute!

 And of course, since it's summer we are spending as much time as possible at the pool. Our crew is quite a bit smaller this year as Clara and her kids aren't here with us, but we still manage to have fun. Most days we manage to spends about 3-4 hours at the pool. Danna and I are even able to get some time lying in the deck chairs when the younger kiddos decide to go "play" sunbathing. I love the relaxed atmosphere that comes with summer time! And about once a week we have popsicle day at the pool just for fun!

In other NOT-so-fun experiences we have an impromptu haircut that was began as a DIY project by Kailyn. She cut off a big chunck of hair rather short and so I decided to teach her a lesson. . . and cut off the rest. Initially she was NOT happy about the change as evidenced by her picture, but at this point she has come to accept and even like her new do. She will tell you she looks like Ramona and I agree. The other non fun experience was getting her two cavities filled. We attempted it without nitrous oxide first but she started to freak out so I let them use some. She was very giggly and happy after that for awhile. Coming off of it wasn't so pleasant as she could again feel that her mouth was numb and she didn't like it. She kept saying it "hurt" and that it "itched". It was pretty sad to watch but a slushy and shake later, she was doing great!

 Part of Joe and Cori's summer was cub scout day camp. The theme this year was Knights. They got to make shields, swords and helmets as part of it. They also got to do archery, shooting, swimming and lots of other things. If I had to guess I'd say their favorite part of camp was probably the food fight they had the first day. At the end of camp there was a knighting ceremony and each of the boys was able to get knighted. I'd had to say I think they all had a blast!

One night Rob found the girls sitting up in their room coloring. KK had drawn this picture of her flamingo pen. . .pretty good if you ask me! I love the close bond that these two share with each other. Although when we did some switching of rooms, they decided that they wanted to go back to bunk beds instead of sharing the queen bed. So far they generally sleep in their own beds!
 KK had a rough start to this month, though. This past weekend Joe, Cori, Emmy and I drove to see Drew and Jordan and Rori. My mom, Jordan and I were going to do the Color Run in Amarillo, but after we got there and picked up our packets the night before, we decided to just go shopping the next day instead of running. Seemed perfectly logical to me! However the problem for KK was that we were leaving Emmy there for a month to so she could watch Rori while Jordan and Drew work. KK was NOT ok with this plan! The poor child doesn't like when her big sissy is gone without her. Apparently that Sunday at church she cried for a good hour and a half because she missed me and Emmy. I don't know what we'll do if Emmy ever decides to grow up and get married and leave home!! ;-)
Although I did manage to get a few smiles out of her and Eddie before we left! Somehow I think she will survive this looooong separation from Emmy, even if it's kind of hard for her!

In other non-news . . . I love this boy! He's such a cutie! That is all!

Robert Allen