Sunday, May 4, 2014

It's Not That Nothing Ever Happens

It's just that I never seem to find the time to sit down and blog about it!

In March over spring break, Clara and the kids came to visit for a few days. We LOVED having them back even for just that short time. One of the highlights was spending the evenings at their hotel swimming. As you can see, Eddie had a hard time staying awake the whole time though. And I love how Kailyn is snuggling with him in the chair. She was sitting there stroking his hair. So cute!!
 We started watching a baby in April. Baby C spends 4 days 
with us most weeks. Kailyn's old preschool teacher is his mom. 
She and Eddie (and all the other kids) LOVE him!
 We also had the first ever Combined Women's Conference at church
for all girls ages 8 years old and up. Immediately after, we went to 
Cold Stone Creamery with some friends for ice cream and girl time!
 Speaking of girl time, these two girls are so sweet! Still best friends!
And they even look alike! I love the bond these two princesses share. 
 And like a true princess, Kailyn needed to see all her clothing options
laid out before choosing her outfit . . . the funniest part though was that she
also had a pair of underwear under each set. I guess she wanted to get 
the full effect!

These two weirdos were playing on Emmy's phone while hanging out at the soccer games. With 5 kids in 4 leagues we have soccer games all morning! It makes for a long morning but the kids love playing so every year we do it again!
 Sterling is in track this year! His coaches were pretty impressed with 
how high he jumped and wanted him to do the high jump but
 he stopped since it made his back hurt. He runs in the 100m and 200m.
He placed 5th at one meet and thinks he may have gotten 3rd at his last one.
I guess this is his track star pose. :-)

 The Warrior Run, a 1 mile fun run, was at the end of April and Emmy, Joe and Cori ran in it.  At the school, the first Whitson boy and girl to cross the finish line get their names on a plaque. There was a boy at her school who had been the first boy across two years in a row and last year she tied him with being the first girl across two years in a row. Emmy's goal this year was to again be the first Whitson girl to cross the finish line making her the only student to achieve that honor 3 times. And she accomplished that! She now holds the record for the most years being the first Whitson student across. For someone to beat that record they would have to be the first Whitson boy or girl to finish the race in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th not very likely. We are so proud of her accomplishment.

Joe and Cori didn't have any particular goals other than finishing but they did have fun! And they did finish! Way to go Joe and Cori!!
 Emmy's time was about 7:16
Cori's was 13:20 
 And I have no idea what Joe's time was. Someone was 
blocking the big clock . . .Grrr!
Kailyn shocked us all the other day when out of the 
blue she decided to wear shorts!! I don't think she's worn 
shorts, unless they were under her skirt or dress, in at least a year.
I just had to document this moment!!
 One night we had a campfire at our house and had some friends over. The kids were running around playing capture the flag in the dark in the backyard. Suddenly we heard Cori start screaming and crying and when I finally decided that it must be something other than drama (cause sometimes that boy is dramatic!) I went and checked to see what was going on. Turns out he and another boy had run smack into each other and Cori's eye hit the other boy's forehead. This picture chronicles the following 3 days after the collision. All I can say is OUCH! I suspect he had a minor concussion as he ended up throwing up once that night but other than that he was ok. I'm just glad he didn't fracture his eye socket!
 In March right after spring break, Eddie had surgery to have his ear
tubes removed. He handled everything like a pro! The only time he 
cried was when they made him take tylenol...yeah, life is rough. He took 
his bear, Race Car, with him and after his surgery he woke up before the nurse
 even had a chance to get him settled in his room and come get me. 
Apparently, they wheeled him in and she turned to get the monitors on and looked back and he was sitting up in bed just looking around. She came to get me and soon enough brought him so pop and then 
some ice cream. He was one happy boy!
 And I love this happy face! When it was warm one afternoon we 
went to the park and played. I snapped some pics of him 
playing on the train car . . . I just love this little man!
 Emmy had to get a filling for a cavity one day and while we were waiting for
the anesthetic to wear off we decided to get her hair cut. Notice all that
long hair on the floor? But she looks so beautiful with her new short haircut! 
And of course, Kailyn wants to do what Emmy does and so she wanted
to have a haircut too. But she wanted to get bangs because one of her 
best friends, Abby, has bangs. She looks so cute with them though!

Over Easter weekend the kids and I decided to repay Clara and the kids' visit so we went to see them in Iowa. One of the things we did was go to the Iowa Zoo.It was pretty awesome! I even got to pet a cow! Although I think I most enjoyed theseals. We sat and watched them for a good 10 minutes swimming and splashing and barking. It's an incredible Zoo! We also had an Easter Egg hunt and the kids got Easter baskets. e also took the kids to the Science Center where they made huge bubbles and paper rockets and did 
tons of other stuff. Mostly though we just enjoyed spending time with the kids and John and Clara. I really miss having them nearby! Kailyn keeps asking me if they will be moving back and I have to keep telling her no. The other day she even said, "Now we have no cousins left, only friends." But at least we do have friends! And we can go visit our family often! 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Conversations to Remember: 3 Year Old Logic

The following conversations took place tonight while trying to put Eddie to bed. He doesn't like to go to sleep on his own and so lays in our bed with Rob and/or I until he falls asleep. (Don't judge . . . he's our last and I'm not willing to put up the fight to make him sleep on his own yet.)

Eddie: Mom, can you lay down wif me for longer until you go to sleep?
Me: No. I'll lay down with you until you go to sleep. Then I'm going to go eat some dinner.
E: Why d'you keep doing dat?
M: Doing what?
E: Eating dinner.
M: Because I haven't eaten dinner yet tonight and I'm hungry.
E: But Mom! You had dinner for lunch last night before I went to school!
M: . . . . . . . .
Rob: Eddie, sometimes you don't make any sense. 

A few minutes later . . .

E: Mom, dogs sneak into food sometimes.
M: Yes they do Eddie.

And then . . .

E: Mom, I like to pinch your little finger.
M: Why do you like to pinch my finger?
E: Because I'm happy.

And that is the logic of a 3 year old!

Robert Allen