Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Sneak Peak

 Eddie has been bugging me about going "trucker cheating" for about a week now. EVERYDAY he whines when we get in the car and go somewhere that isn't "trucker cheating"...UGH! Well, yesterday evening we joined some of our friends downtown to FINALLY go trick-or-treating. Which made Eddie VERY happy! So here's a little peak at the kiddos costumes:
The Whole Group

The Dread Pirate Ed

Our little Dorothy...or should I say Kai Dot? 

Two of our three Nerds...cute aren't they?

Gansta Cori

The Gansta and the "Lady's Man"

You might not notice the Ninja in this picutre seeing as how he's so stealthy and all. 

The girls...the TERDS (Triplet Nerds) and KaiDot

And our two Lady's Men...or something like that.

We saw M&M's!! But we refrained from eating them.

A fun time was had by all...especially since they got candy out of the deal!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Conversations to Remember

Kailyn: We haven't gone to the park in a long time.

Me: We went to the park after school yesterday.

K: But you didn't see me.

M: I didn't see you?

K: Yeah, you didn't put your eyes on me and see me. 

Sometimes I just don't understand kid logic.....

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Glow, Baby, Glow!

 Last year Clara and I participated in the Glow Run 5k. It was a lot of fun and so we decided to try it again this year. We were a little (LOT) disappointed. Last year they had really nice tech shirts as part of the race packet...this year it was a cotton t-shirt (boo!). Additionally, one of the reasons we did it last year was because it was a "fun" run but it was timed with a chip, so we would get an accurate 5k time. This chip...AND it wasn't even a full 5k! Grr! We still had fun, but I don't know that we'll do the race again next year if it's not timed and only has a cotton t-shirt.

We did enjoy getting our faces painted though! Don't we just look awesome!?! John ran with Clara...or behind her, rather. I ran WAY behind both of them. Rob sat this year out...again. Apparently 5k's just aren't challenging enough for him.

After the 5k we went out to dinner at the 23rd Street Brewery. It was delicious! Just like it was last year. Clara was kind enough to take some pics of Rob and I enjoying ourselves. You can tell just how much he loves me! I think the look in this picture just says it all!

Thanks for the great date night Babe! Love you!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Cori's Baptism

On October 12, a day after his 8th birthday, Cori was baptized. We are so proud of his decision to be baptized! His Uncle Taylor gave the opening  prayer and Uncle John gave the talk on baptism. After that he was baptized by his Dad. Then Sterling gave a talk on the Gift of the Holy Ghost, following which, Cori was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by his Dad. Grandma Balsmeier, Aunt Clara, Emmy, and his cousin Abbi then sang the song, If the Savior Stood Beside Me. They sang so beautifully! I was lucky enough to be the one to get to welcome him to the Primary since I was the only presidency member there and then Brother Rhodes gave the welcome from the Bishopric. The closing prayer was given by Joe. After the service, we had refreshments.

In the craziness of the day I forgot to get pictures of the whole family together and of Cori with Rob and I. Ugh! So the only picture I have is of Rob and Cori...oh well. Hopefully he'll forgive me for it when he gets older and realizes what a slacker his mom was that day. ;-)

We are so excited to have another child on the path of following the Lord. In just a few short years he will be old enough to receive the priesthood! It was a very special day, especially for him and I hope that he will remember it and the covenants he made for the rest of his life. We love you Cori and are so proud of you!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday Cori!

It so true that the best things in life come in small packages. Look at my sweet little Cori, just hours old. Those cute chubby cheeks...::sigh::
The only problem is that they don't stay little...
They go from tiny newborns to...

Adorable, but mischievous 1 year olds who love to splash in the water,
run around the house getting into anything within their reach and generally wreaking havoc
until they reach the ... 
terrible twos. This little man was always a cuddler and quite the Daddy's boy. With wispy dark blond hair
and still some remnants of those fabulous baby cheeks he wasn't quite that terrible... 
and then he was 3. And when we cut that wispy dark blond hair, we discovered that underneath he had almost black hair!This guy was the adored baby of the family for the longest of anyone. He was an expert at many things...cuddles, kisses, cat sitting. And wrapping his string up in his hand. That string! It was dark green and he took it EVERYWHERE! And heaven forbid it got dropped in the grass! We would search for hours to find it because Cori just couldn't LIVE without it.  But like his hair, he would soon change in another way to become... 
A big brother! He'd been the baby for 3 1/2 years when he got the chance to prove what an awesome big brother and 4 year old he could be! He LOVED to ride his bike then and mastered the are of no training wheels in no time flat! But even as he grew one thing stayed the same...  
That SMILE! The one where he crinkles his nose and eyes and it melts my heart. He was a  tough 5 year old who loved Toy Story, Stuart Little and Beethoven (the movie) and would watch them over and over and over! 
And then, before I knew it, my baby was 6! He was in Kindergarten, a big brother twice over and mostly the same little man that'd I'd known from the start. A collector of all things that caught his eye (cars, strings, rope, screws, ANYTHING!) And he loved to help out with any project Daddy might be working on with his own tools and hard hat to keep him safe... 
so that he'd make it to his 7th birthday. A little jokester who (perhaps unfortunately) inherited his mother's somewhat off the wall, sarcastic sense of humor. Cori still had the same mischievous look at times, when you wondered just what was going on in that little dark haired head of his. But despite some rough patches he has FINALLY arrived at the ripe old age of.. 
EIGHT! 8 wonderful years full of laughter, tears, joy and many, many memories! He still loves to collect things and although we did eventually get him to get rid of the string, he still has a fascination of rope, string, anything that can be used to tie things. That smile that I fell in love with has gone from toothless, to tooth-ful to having a big gap right in front...but it's still the same smile. Cori is still a cuddler and loves to hold hands, give hugs and help out whenever he can. Still a Toy Story and Woody fan he's added other interests like legos, Minecraft and other games to his list of activities. Our family just wouldn't be complete without our dark haired boy!


Robert Allen