Friday, September 27, 2013

Conversations to Remember

 Joe was bothering Kailyn on our way home from a church activity tonight. So, of course, Kailyn was whinning. Apparently Eddie was not having any

E: "Joe! Leave my best sitter alone!!"

It made me smile. Such a cute boy to be concerned about his "best sitter".
A few moments later we were stopped at a light and happened to be next to my brother John and his family.

E: "Mom, beat our friends"
Me: "Beat our friends?"
Dad: "How about we just drive safe?"
E: "No! Mom, drive fast an beat our friends!"

I think we may have problems when that child learns to drive...

Friday, September 13, 2013

Ninja Princess?

 Or would it be Princess Ninja? Hmm. . .Either way, only my daughter would BEG and PLEAD and DEMAND to wear a skirt to a martial arts class. ::sigh:: What to do with that girl? Since there was no school today we tagged along with our friends, the Hughes', to where they do their martial arts and the owner let my kids participate in the class to. All my kids loved it but it was particularly fun to watch Kailyn trying to do all the blocks and punches. She's just so little and princess-y. And, frankly, her punches and kicks, power. But she did manage to attack our friend Ethan, although I suspect he was holding back, but I'm' not positive.  ;-)

Sterling and Ethan are the same age (even if Ethan looks older since he's so tall or Sterling's short. . .whichever) so Ethan was teaching him some techniques to deal with people who are trying to choke you. I think he rather enjoyed it. . .not the being choked part, but the getting away part. After class, we headed to the Hughes' where we had an awesome lunch of homemade breadsticks and pizza (and I had a Caprese Salad too compliments of their Mom's incredible cooking skills! YUMMY!!) and let the kids run around having fun. It was a fun day for me and the kids. Adult conversation for me. . .lots of time with friends for them! A perfect combination!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Brother and Sister, Ballerinas and Zombies

 Theses two just melt my heart sometimes! They usually are the best of friends and I love that. Some days when we drop Kailyn off at school in the afternoon Eddie says to me, "I yove my sister". In fact, if you yell, get mad at or hurt one of his siblings he'll glare at you and say, "Don't _________ my brudder/sister". Love that the baby of the family is so protective of his older siblings. :-)

 Kailyn, my little princess, started her first dance lessons with the Parks and Rec department yesterday. Need I say, she LOVED it! As we walked in the room she exclaimed, "I can't wait!" and after class she demonstrated all the skills she learned. She is such a girly girl and I love it!

After dance, piano lessons and dropping older kids off at scouts and activity days, I took my zombie son, Cori, on a date. My brother John and his wife have tradition of letting each of their kiddos stay up a little after bedtime one night a week to have some one-on-one time with them, so we decided to copy them. Tonight was Cori's night and since he often ends up with dad since I'm out chauffeuring everyone around, I took him with me. We went to Sonic while the other kids were at their activities and he got a mini hot fudge shake while playing around on the playground. This boy has such a sweet smile and infectious laugh. I love to spend time just him and I. Letting each kid have some time alone with us has been an insightful and wonderful opportunity. I'm so glad that we stole the idea from John and Clara.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sometimes a Boy Just Needs His Dog

Poor Joe stayed home from school sick today with a fever, nausea, dizziness and headache. I really knew he didn't feel well when he didn't even want to eat lunch! Instead he crawled up on the couch with Marga and took a nap.  Joe is such a cuddler and he particularly likes to lay on Marga while rubbing her ears...and she doesn't seem to mind the attention. Marga took good care of Joe. I'd say it's a match made in heaven. 


Monday, September 9, 2013

Labor Day and Job Training

Over Labor Day weekend, when we celebrate not having to go to work by having BBQ's, we traveled to visit my mom. My sister, Jordan, who lives in Texas, came up north to visit with her family (hubby, Drew and daughter, Rori). Being the awesome person that I am, I didn't manage to get a SINGLE picture of her, her husband or her daughter while they were here. BUT I did take some pictures of one of the adorable, fluffy, soft visitors they brought (although, not even the one that was theirs, again...bad Aunt! What can I say?) My niece, Rori, brought her new puppy with her to visit whose name is Anala. With them came another puppy that they were delivering to a friend and his name was Camo. Those puppies were so stinkin' CUTE! But the thing I loved was when Camo was biting and tugging on Eddie's shirt. It just was adorable! Or when he was chasing Eddie's and my feet trying to get our flip flops. Ha ha! And all 26 million kids at my mom's house LOVED those puppies! So much so, that we had to limit the time that the kiddos could spend holding them. Those two puppies paws wouldn't have touched the ground if the kids had had their way. All I'm saying is that 2 puppies + 400 kids = not enough puppies (or too many kids...depending on how you look at it.) Mostly though, it was just fun to see my sister again. Kind of miss having her and my Rori nearby.

After my sister and her family left on Monday morning my mom, my brother, John, and his wife, Clara, took their older kids and Joe and Cori to go see the new Percy Jackson movie (Emmy and Sterling had already gone to see it with me on opening night....WAY EXPENSIVE!!!!) After that, since it was Joe's birthday we met up with John and Clara here in town and went Putt-Putting (or miniature golfing...whichever is the correct term). BAD IDEA!! Well, not really, but with 4 adults and 11 kids it was CrAzY! It didn't really help that John and Rob tailed behind Clara and I and all the kids having a leisurely game while we wrangled all the kids ranging in age from 2-12...yeah, not much help you guys!! But the kids had fun and we only scared a few people off the course that were in front of us and no one got hit with a golf club or balls, so we'll call it a success.

On another note, I've decided that Kailyn and Eddie are old enough now to help out with their assigned chores instead of mom or dad just doing it for them. So this past week has been on the job training for them. Kailyn had not enjoyed the idea of helping but Eddie has taken to dishes like a champ! After some initial hesitance and tantrums about having to help, he decided he liked it. In fact, on the 2nd day he asked a couple times to do his job. One of the things that makes me laugh is the step stool we use for the kids to reach stuff. Eddie calls it "the job". "Mom! I need get the job!" "Where's the job at?" Totally not sure where that came from but it makes me laugh every time! Kind of like how he and Kailyn call somersaults "ding dongs"...yeah, again, not sure. Anyway, he was such a big helper and I think he'll be ready to do it solo in no time at all! Well, maybe a year or two anyway.

Other than that, discipline is taking on a new form in our home. One of the things I loved about having Jordan and Drew around was getting some discipline advice from Drew. Kids in the south are raised incredibly well if you ask me! At least, generally speaking. It's "Yes Ma'am", "No Ma'am", "Yes, Sir" or "No, Sir". LOVE IT! I regret that my kids haven't been taught that level of respect and obedience.

Anyway, when Drew was growing up punishment came in the physical in wall sits, push ups and other things like that (like sitting in the aisle at the store with his arms raised above his head...guess it makes your arms pretty tired...especially if you add canned fruits and veggies to hold) If he didn't say Ma'am or Sir? Push ups or wall sits. Disobey? Push ups and wall sits. Said "What" to your mother? Push ups and wall sits. So, given how incredibly respectful he is, we tried it with our so well! Tantrums? You can just do a wall sit until you want to stop. They don't last too long like that cause wall sits SUCK! The other thing we've done is use planks for the kiddos that can't do push ups (great core work out, by the way). I've also instituted running laps around the yard for misbehaving and fighting. I figure, either the kids will stop getting in trouble because they don't like the punishment (or they're just too tired to misbehave from all the exercise) or they'll be in really good shape. It's a win-win! And yes, we even do this with Eddie and it's been very effective. . It sure beats time outs, at least for us. It seems to help in redirecting the energy they spend arguing or fighting and gives them time to think about their actions. I guess we'll see how this works long term and what the effect will be for the kiddos. :-)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Happy 9th Birthday Joe!

 The Journey from this little boy began on September 2, 2004, from just a few hours old...
 To this 1 year old with the cute chubby cheeks and infectious grin...
 Into a somewhat troublesome two year old who liked pulling all the tissues out of the box...
 Led to this smiling, fun loving 3 year old...
 Who became a goofy, loving 4 year old...
 And then an army loving, all boy, rough and tumble 5 year old...
 After which he morphed into a loud and boisterous 6 year old...
 Followed by a sweet, kind, homework slacking 7 year old...
 After which he became a baptized, goofball at 8 years old...
Has culminated in this handsome 9 year old, young man!
He is the boy who grew from loving purses and dressing up in princess clothes with his cousin and sister, 
to the boy who still loves pink but prefers soccer and sports to anything remotely girly! He loves recess and PE, but would rather skip math, although he does very well in it. Reading is a favorite bedtime activity and during his waking hours, he loves to play Wii or computer or have friends come over to play. He likes to be goofy and make people laugh and smile but has been known to tease and torment his siblings...then again, what are they for anyway? ;-) He is one of the loves of my life and I thank the Lord every day for him. Our family wouldn't be complete without our Joe Joe! 


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Why Did the Geese Cross the Road?

And why couldn't they use the crosswalk and wait for the light? Seriously, holding up rude. 
Kailyn and Eddie thought it was hilarious though! And truth be did I. :-D

Robert Allen