Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Eddie!

 It's incredible to think that this 9lb 2oz "little" boy once was crammed inside me. And that we welcomed him into our family kicking and screaming....not that anyone could blame him. ;-)

 He had such chubby cheeks and a times reminded me of a bull dog with all his extra skin. So sweet and cute!

He survived two stays in the hospital within his first year of life and was pretty cheerful about it too!

He has the most endearing smile and I just love to kiss those precious cheeks...even if he is somewhat messy at times. And when he was little he has the cutest little curls....until his dad shaved his hair off while mommy was out of town. No more curls now....but still I love to run my fingers in his thick blond hair.

 My little Boo Bear, Booskabear, Eddie-Sketti or any of the other million names we call him. He is such a joy to all of us, the adored little brother and baby of the family who can do no wrong. :-) He loves, books, balls, cars and playing with his doggie. He tells us that the black stuff on Marga's lips is poop and that her teats are "her babies". So...veterinary medecine may not be in his future.

The boy who LOVES yummy treats. and doesn't want to share them...with anyone...EVER. 

 And the master of making weird faces. We all get a kick out of watching his facial expressions.

Yep, he's definitely my little boy, and he has stolen my heart. My life and our family wouldn't be complete without his sweet (and spicy) personality. Without his smile and laughter to fill my days and his hugs and kisses to fill my heart, I don't know what I woud do! He may have been unexpected but he was NEVER unwanted.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

A For REAL New Addition!

Introducing: Thidalium Marga Usurri!
Or as we call her, Marga

Marga is our new dog and is a pure bred Great Dane. She is half European Great Dane so she is a little shorter and stockier than most Great Danes but we LOVE her! Her name is the one she was registered with at birth and wasn't of our choosing, but it's what she knows so we're keeping it. She is originally from Hungary but ended up in KS with a wonderful breeder named Carly who breeds Great Danes and other dogs. Marga was a breeder dog for a few years before she was retired, which is when we got her. It's kind of weird how it all came about. 

I have a friend who owns a beautiful, sweet Great Dane. One day after I had picked Kailyn up from school I saw her and her dog out running. She stopped and talked for a minute while the kids and I petted her dog. I told her how much I love Great Danes and have wanted one since middle school when one of my friends had one. I mentioned that I'd love to get one, but they were so expensive. She then told me about the breeder they got her dog from (Carly) and how much it cost. I was surprised that it was less than I thought so I asked her to send me the link. 

Later than day she emailed it me and mentioned that Carly had an adult female named Marga up for adoption that was being retired from breeding. And she was far less expensive than a puppy! My friend had met Marga and told me what a sweet, loving dog she was and I was intrigued. As cute as puppies are I've always preferred adult dogs. Potty training kids is enough work for me so I like when they are already trained! And Marga was completely trained and unlike all other dogs I've ever owned, wouldn't run away off leash! So even though we weren't looking for another pet, I begged and pleaded with Rob to let me at least go look at her. He was not so keen on getting another pet, but he finally relented and agreed that we could go meet her and talk about it. 

We didn't tell the kids that we were going to go meet Marga, except for Kailyn and Eddie who came with us. The others were all in school. We drove out and met Carly who took us back to meet Marga. The first thing Carly wanted us to see was how protective Marga was. She stood right up on the fence and started barking at us, but as soon as Carly shushed her she stopped. We went into her fenced yard and Marga just loved on us. She was very calm, and just stood by our legs and let us pet her. The other Great Danes wanted plenty of love too :-). Carly took us and Marga inside the house and told us all about Marga and her history. She had been in a puppy mill at one point and nearly starved before Carly got her. She had been in fights with other dogs over food which is why she is blind in one eye and has some scars, but she never had a problem with kids and food. Kailyn and Eddie fell in love with her immediately and enjoyed feeding her treats! Although they were a bit confused by her teats and Eddie called them poop at first. We had to explain that she had used those to feed her puppies milk...but I think that just confused Eddie more who then referred to them as her puppies or her milk. Oh well. 

After spending about half an hour with her, we decided to head home and discuss what to do. I knew I wanted her! VERY BADLY! But I also knew that dogs cost money and large dogs cost even more money. Also, Rob is not as much a fan of animals as I am. He wasn't sure he wanted another pet, what with already having a dog, a cat and a guinea pig in addition to our 6 children. So we came home and talked. Ultimately I told him that I really wanted her, but I also knew that I tend to be ruled by emotion more than he was so I was OK with whatever he thought best. After a few hours and lots of discussion Rob came down and said, "Well, I suppose she could be your birthday present." I was ecstatic!! I would finally get the Great Dane I'd wanted for most of my life!

I texted Carly and arranged to go pick up Marga that evening. Since it was Joe's night to stay up and talk to me, I had him come with me, but didn't tell him where we were going or why. When we pulled up to Carly's house, Joe was still confused. We got out and Carly took us inside where Marga was waiting. I then told Joe, "This is our new dog, Marga." He looked at me and his mouth dropped open and asked, "Really?" He was so thrilled and so was Kailyn who had come along too. We loaded Marga up and said goodbye to Carly. It was a little sad since Marga had been with Carly for 3 years, but we were excited to have her as part of our family. When we got home I walked Marga into the house and the kids flipped out!! They were probably just as excited about getting Marga as they were when we went to Disney World

Since then, we have loved having Marga. She is so sweet and good with the kids but she is definitely my dog. She follows me around the house wherever I go. If she looks around the room and realizes I'm not there, she comes to find me. If I leave, she rushes to greet me when I get home. And the thing I love most is that she doesn't run away when she's off leash. She will lay down at my feet or put her head in my lap and just have me pet her. She has fit into our life perfectly. She sleeps with the girls in their room since, as Kailyn pointed out on the way home from getting her, "She is a girls and I am a girls and so is Emmy. Marga wants to sleeps in the girls room with me and Emmy." And so she does...and usually on their bed with them.

Yep, I think it's safe to say that I love this dog!

Robert Allen