Sunday, May 19, 2013

Playing Picture Catch Up

Alrighty! As I mentioned in the previous post, with it being the end of the school year things have been pretty busy around here. Here are some fun pictures from the past few weeks of what the Bidwell Crew has been up to.

All the Math Contest Participants
 Emmy was in her school math competition. You had to test into the group who then spent several weeks practicing after school and studying math concepts. She did super awesome in the Math Contest. She tied for 3rd with another 4th grader. The 1st and 2nd places were taken by 5th graders. I was so proud of her! She is such a bright young lady and loves to be challenged!
The 4th grade Math Contest Participants
 One evening when Rob was out of town I had to take all the kiddos to Sterling's soccer practice, except for Emmy who opted to stay home. While he was practicing the kids and I went on a walk to see the flowers at the Lake. Kailyn was thrilled with all the flowers...and Eddie liked to kick them (face palm). 
Kailyn's princess pose with all the flowers

Cori and Kailyn playing King and Queen of the Rock

My only regret was that I didn't have all the kids
here for this shot.It turned out so cute!!

Kailyn wanted her picture taken with the pink flowers
Sterling and his team mates ganging up on another team mate.
 Soccer has been a big part of our life the past month and a half. With 5 kids on four different teams we have been running around like crazy! And Saturdays have been taken up with soccer games. 
Sterling getting tickled by his team mate

 I can't tell you how many comments I get about this little princess. You see, she absolutely REFUSES to wear anything other than skirts or dresses...and this extends to soccer. One of the moms on the team told me at the last game how she just gets a kick out of Kailyn wearing her skirts to every practice and game with her hair all done up. And then, one parks and rec employees stopped me and said, "I just have to stop you and tell you your little girl has got to be my favorite." She went on to tell me how cute she is in her skirts. It just makes me laugh. Kailyn is for sure my princess, girly-girl! 
Throwin a fit...about something.....

Eddie is holding onto a baseball and Emmy is pulling him. 
 At our kids' school every year the 4th graders go to the pond at the park and go fishing. I met up with them and "watched" Emmy fishing. And by watch I mean, cast, hold the pole, put on more bait, etc. I even got to remove several fish from hooks, although none from mine/Emmy's hook. Kailyn and Eddie came along and had lots of fun watching the geese and ducks and touching the fish before we threw them back.  
What great casting form!

Checking out the geese

Annnnd, the princess pose....again.
 These next three pictures just make me laugh. Eddie has such an expressive face and some really interesting expressions when he talks or is thinking. I just love this cute little man!

One afternoon after doing something fun (park, zoo, something....can't remember) I took the two littles to get some cupcakes. Usually we only get the mini ones but unbeknownst to me it was Happy Hour! Which meant buy 1 get 1 free on the regular I had to get regular sized. Eddie got the Death by Chocolate and Kailyn got the pink one (which was Strawberry). Yeah, they were superyummylicious!
He eats the frosting first...sometimes he
doesn't even bother with the cupcake part. 
Kailyn wanted me to take a picture
 of her kissing her cupcake. 
  Another big event that happened last Thursday was Sterling's first ever dance! Their school has one dance at the end of the year that the 6th graders can attend if they have good grades and meet some other requirements. It's called Night of the Rising Stars. Now, I was thinking it was some kind of low key affair like our dances in middle school....umm, yeah, not really. 
As I pulled up there were a couple of ROTC members opening the kids' doors and letting them out. (if there were girls in the car, they let them out first! So cute!) Then as they walked up the stairs to the front doors there was a live orchestra playing and an honor guard with swords drawn forming a tunnel for the kids to walk through! It was like a mini-prom! Although perhaps not as formal since some of the boys were dressed very much like Sterling and his friend. Still, just, Wow!
My handsome son! Can't believe he's
old enough to go to school dances!!
Sterling with his friend before we headed to the school. 
 The last big thing so far this month was the awards ceremony at the kids' elementary school. It lasted about 1 1/2 hours. Emmy received 4 awards (overachiever!) ;-) She received awards for participation in the Math contest, and the Geography Bee as well as one for being the first girl to cross the finish line at the Warrior Run. Her final award was for 1st place in her classroom for an essay she wrote. I had to laugh because 1. I had NO idea she'd even written and essay for this contest and 2. The topic was on what government programs she would fund or cut if there wasn't enough money. Probably a good thing I didn't know cause I have some very strong view points on this subject. :-) Although I'd like to get a copy of her essay so I can see what she wrote...and find out if I need to correct any of her opinions. ;-)
Geography Bee
Math Contest
Warrior Run
Essay Contest
Hopefully with only 1 week left in school things will slow down and we can transition into a quiet, lazy and fun filled summer! I can't wait to spend all day, every day at the pool with my kiddos crew, my BFF, my SIL and all their kiddos! Here's to laid back summer days!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Video Updates

It's the end of the school year and as such, there are plenty of things going on in our house. Sterling had his final band concert. I have to say, the 6th grade band plays better music, and just better in general than I remember playing in 6th grade. I really enjoy their concerts. Kailyn likes them too...she likes to "teach them" as she calls conducting. Maybe we have a future music ed major in our family??

Kailyn Conducting

The 3 older kids were in their school talent show and had to stay after school one day to practice. When Kailyn, Eddie and I got there to pick them up we stayed for a little bit and  watched some of the other acts. Kailyn decided that she should have been the center of attention with her little impromptu dance.

Kailyn Dancing

And here are the videos from the actual talent show. This forst one has Emmy, Joe and Cori singing an Emmy original song called "Bobobolona" (pronouced beau bob oh lawn a). I've typed the words below so you can read along.

Bobobolona Lyrics
There once was a man named Jeffery,
He said it was too short, 
so he changed it to, 
He said it was too short.
After he was married
 and the age of 80 came,
He said to his wife Mary,
Let's change our name.
So he changed it to
He said it was too long,
So he changed it to Smith.

Emmy also had an act on her own. She was Bendy Emmy the Contortionist. Now, for those who haven't seen Emmy's...ummm, unique talent, you're in for a treat. I'm not sure how she does some of the things she does, but I suspect she got it from her equally flexible Uncle Larry. Ouch!

Bendy Emmy

Within the next couple days I will hopefully get a post up with some cute/fun pictures of some other end of the year activities. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Just A Picture Update

 So the weather here has been a little out of whack. We haven't really had a spring per se. It's really been more of what I like to call Sprinter. One day it's nice, the next, it's snowing. This week alone we had 80° temperatures followed 2 days later by snow. Just weird! But hopefully we'll manage to get some kind of spring before we reach the scorching hot and humid summer.

 One fun event in April was the annual Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. This year Joe designed his car like a powercat. It looked pretty sweet in my opinion. And it was pretty fast! Although he didn't manage to get first Joe was able to pull off 3rd place overall. He also received the award for most innovative design! Way to go Joe!!

 Kailyn likes Emmy to swing her around.
Have I mentioned how much I love my girls?? 

 And these girls are just so cute together. 
Lee's mom and I are besties and we do all we
can to ensure that our girls are besties too!
So far, it's working perfectly!
The picture of Lee and Kailyn was taken at the Whitson Warrior Run. It's a spring carnival the kids' school does each year. There is a 1 mile run and then games and other things to do. It was rather cold and rainy so the carnival part was moved inside the school but the run was still on! For the second year in a row, Emmy was the first girl to cross the finish line. Her time was 7:16. Six seconds faster than her time of 7:22 last year. Joe and Cori finished a few minutes later. Joe was sweet enough to stay with Cori the whole way so he wouldn't have to run alone.

 After the run we went inside and the big kids went off to do their things with their friends while I followed Kailyn around. The first thing she did was get her face painted like Hello Kitty. She LOVED it! In fact when I went to wash her face later that night she cried! She begged me to let her keep it on, offered to sleep "like dis" with her face straight up towards the ceiling, asked me to put her make-up on a piece of paper and put it on again when she went to school on monday. Anything she could think of to save he new look. It was so sad! But eventually I convinced her that it had to come off, but that she could get it done again "tomorrow next time they have it". Sterling also decided to get his face painted...with a pink butterfly. Another of his friends did the same thing. What can I say, the boy LOVES pink almost as much as his little sister, Kailyn. In the end, the kids walked away with a hula hoop, a badminton racket (dollar store), a couple paddle balls, a soduku book, 6 tickets to attend a free session of open play at the gymnastic center and a basketball. Not a bad evening I guess.

When the weather has been nice I've taken Kailyn and Eddie to the park and the Zoo. Getting your picture taken on the big bronze lion statue is a must EVERY time we go to the zoo. And in the rainforest there are a couple flamingos that like to stand in the path. They will try to nip if you get too close, but still, it's fun to see how close you can get. Kailyn and Eddie also like to play and do tricks on the little playground near the petting zoo (where Kailyn's favorite animal, Gertie the Llama lives). The like to climb and swing on the bars while yelling, "Mom! Mom! Watch this!" "See dat?!" Yep, regular gymnasts those two!

There is also a little area set up overlooking the bear exhibit that looks like an office. There is a CB radio, computer with keyboard and mouse and even a couple of fishing poles. I think we spent a good 15-20 minutes there while Kailyn called her bestie Lee on the "phone" and typed up her "reports". Eddie was doing what any man would do on a nice day...he went fishing


 And as it's soccer season no post is really copmlete without a few soccer pictures.

This is Kailyn playing goalie for the first time ever! I wasn't at the game, but I heard she didn't allow any probably helped that no one tried to score either. ;-)

And then there's Cori being a tough goalie too.

Kailyn's Team Photo

Remember, We're not cows, we're Llamas err, pumas!

Joe and Cori's Team Photo

Emmy's Team Photo
Yep, I'm the coach. Don't ask how that happened....and it won't happen again!

Robert Allen