Tuesday, April 16, 2013

An Addition to the Family?

So my hubby is kind of....weird. Don't get me wrong, I love the man, but he has some idiosyncrasies that just  make me shake my head and roll my eyes. However, his latest um....obsession has really got me wondering what goes on in that man's head! And if he needs some serious counseling! ;-) (Love you Babe! Really I do!)

I'd like to introduce you all to the newest member, um...item...err, pet...uh...whatever, in the Bidwell Crew....

The Sink

Yeah, pretty disgusting huh?

The story behind The Sink began last year in December when we went to see a house that we were interested in purchasing as a rental property. Now, the house needed quite a bit of work, but it was a steal and the work was within our abilities. As we were viewing the house we went into the basement. Surprisingly it wasn't awful...until you walked into the bathroom and were greeted by the above pictured monstrosity. Gaaag! Ewww! I commented that it looked like a serial killer sink, the kind you see in some horror movie where the killer is rinsing his bloody hands off after having...well, you get the idea. Just Creepy!

Well, despite (or perhaps because of??) the sink we bought the house. I told Rob repeatedly that the sink was getting replaced. He would just smile and say it just needed a little cleaning (ha ha). He would often joke about taking the sink out and leaving it in my brother's car (Taylor was appropriately horrified by the sink, as was I) or leaving it in his bed or on another of my brother's porch. We all laughed...until a couple weeks later. One day I saw something I thought I'd never see. On my hubby's FB page he'd posted pictures of The Sink...but it wasn't in the basement anymore! He'd let it loose!!!

There were pictures of the sink doing all kinds of crazy things...in our yard! Not only was it not at it's own home, he'd brought it to ours! Totally not sanitary I'm telling you! That nasty thing sat in my seat in the van, strapped in and made the trip to our house. I don't think I'll ever be able to sit there again. He didn't tell me about his evil plan or I would have put a quick stop to it. But before I was even aware The Sink had been liberated by my sweet, disturbed, hubby and he'd started documenting the adventures of The Sink with pictures. 
Here it is riding a trike

 And sliding on the slide
Oh, and hear it is roofing the rental house.
(4 layers of shingles, BTW) 

And...BABYSITTING?!?! Seriously!?!
Yet another place I'll never be able to sit again. 
Although, The Sink was able to get Eddie to go to sleep, so it may have ONE redeeming quality. 

Anyway, The Sink has had other adventures (and I suspect will have many more) so, if you're interested in seeing them, which I'm sure you are, you can click HERE and see it's very own FB page. 


Monday, April 15, 2013

Science Fair 2013

 At the kids' school all 3rd-5th graders are required to submit a project to the science fair, so Emmy, being a 4th grader, got to do one. She originally had planned on doing a project about the life cycle of the blowfly, but after leaving raw meat out for several days and not attracting a single fly, she gave up and switched to an experiment about homemade glue.

Emmy picked out 4 different recipes for glue that had common household ingredients. We then made them (all but one involved the stove). She then tested to see which one worked best by how well it held a piece of paper folded in half together.

She did really great and received an A+ on her project. She also got a ribbon, but in our anti-competition society, every one gets one, so it doesn't mean anything. Regardless, Emmy did awesome and I, as always, am very proud of her!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kailyn's First Soccer Game

Today was the first soccer game of the season but it was also KK's first soccer game ever. She has been so excited to play soccer. At practice her coach tells them to "Be Pumas, not Cows" meaning they shouldn't bunch up all together. So all this past week she's been repeating "Be Llamas, not cows!" Llamas, pumas, close enough. She also tells us to help her put on her "kindergartens" which translates to "shinguards". The other thing she requires to play soccer is. . .a skirt. Yep, she is ALL girl for sure!
"Take a picture like dis"
While waiting for her game to start, and while Joe and Cori were playing, KK and Eddie passed the ball back and forth. If Eddie didn't get it right to her, Kailyn would tell him to "Roll it to ME!" and to "Come get it!" Even if it was just inches from her! Little weenie! Eddie didn't seem to mind though and obliged his sister. 
They also kicked it to each other. Once KK got tired of that, Eddie then requested that I "kick it". Of course one ball wasn't enough, we had to use 3 at a time. 
Watching her teammates play
Look at those cute pink cleats!
Love those little feet!

Kailyn chasing after the pack of kids with the ball.
She was not a cow, but a Llama  Puma. 
It was really cute to watch her run all over the field. I'm not sure she ever kicked the ball but she loved running around after the kids. It was so funny to see this pack of kids chasing the ball with KK bringing up the rear. 
Kailyn's first throw in. Notice the skirt hiked up. . .
She doesn't like her shirt to cover it. 

With her team after a great game. 



Last weekend Rob and I gave the kids their Christmas present. Yep, you read that right, Christmas in April. ;-) Actually on Christmas last year, we "gave" the kids tickets to go see STOMP. . . Problem was that the show wasn't until April. So, they waited patiently and were so excited to go! I have to say that I was really impressed and entertained. There was lots of noise, laughing and even audience participation. Here's a YouTube video (not the actual show in KC) showing one part of the show that we thought was hilarious (near the end). We all LOVED it! Totally worth the money and the wait. I didn't get any pictures of the actual show, but I did get some pre-show photos of the kids. 

It's a long way down!

See all the tiny little people!

Sterling has gotten to the age where
taking pictures isn't so cool. . .but he obliged me
by standing in this one. . . just to prove
he was really there!
This was the last picture I made them
let me take. They're such cute kids!

Parents of the year right here!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Pics

Here are a couple of pictures of us all dressed up for Easter

Ok, so when it comes to my girls I can't help myself. :-) 
I love to take pictures of them to document their relationship.
And besides, I happen to think they are beyond gorgeous!
Perhaps I'm biased...but I don't think so. ;-)

Robert Allen