Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Kailyn!

I can't believe it's been 4 years since our rainbow baby joined our family. She was such a blessing to us and helped to mend our hearts after Robert Allen's stillbirth and the subsequent miscarriages. She brings so much joy to us each day and I can't imagine what our lives would have been like without her.

Kailyn was one of my baby's who came on her own. Rob and I were planning on talking to my Dr at my appointment on February 18th, about inducing me but we never made it to that appointment. I started having some contractions on the evening of February 17th around 11:00 am. They continued on through the night until around 1 am they were about 5 minutes apart. When I first woke Rob up to tell him I was in labor he just said, "That's nice, try to get some sleep." Then he rolled over and went back to sleep. I was a little stunned at his response so I waited a few more minutes and woke him up again and told him I was serious. He then asked how I knew I was in labor and I explained that my contractions were about 5 minutes apart to which he asked if my water had broken yet. I had to explain that the water doesn't usually break before labor starts and that happening with Emmy was just lucky. So we called our friend Linnea and she came over to watch the kiddos while we headed to the hospital.

After spending a couple hours in triage I'd only dilated about 1cm more but they decided to go ahead and admit me. Finally around 9 am Dr. Bonebrake broke my water. He really wanted to start Pitocin but I REALLY didn't want to. Generally, once my water breaks I deliver relatively fast. My nurse, Lula, was AWESOME and advocated for me with him and we came to the compromise that if I hadn't delivered within about an hour after my water breaking, then he could start Pitocin. By 10am or so I was dilated to an 8 and my nurse called in the Dr and the resident, who would do the actual delivery. The resident wanted to try and get the last bit of cervix out of the way so she was "stretching" my cervix. IT HURT SOOOOO BAD!!! I wanted her to just leave me alone and remember trying to back away from her and telling her to Stop and leave me alone...although I think I phrased it as "Just get out!" Lula suggested that the resident let me rest through a couple contractions before doing anything else. After that the resident tried again and I guess succeeded cause things went really quick from there. I remember pushing once and feeling Kailyn crowning and then everyone starts yelling at me. Some are saying stop pushing, others to let me push...I was soooo confused and didn't know what was going on. I kept pushing but it turned out that Kailyn had her hand next to her head and was stuck. The resident manipulated her hand out of the way and FINALLY Kailyn was born. It was only one push but it was a really long one! In my journal I wrote, "This was my longest, most painful, awful labor yet...I was just so exhausted. She was screaming though. It was beautiful to hear her cry. After all the losses and struggles, our little girl is here, safe and healthy. I am just so grateful to have her here with me."

And that hasn't changed in the 4 years since. I am just so grateful to have my little girl. She is such a blessing!

She is as girly as they come. She is VERY particular about what she wears and has to pick out her clothes. She loves dresses (a few in particular) and almost never wears pants.

She is also a mommy to her babies. She loves her dolls and stuffed animals. 

She is a book worm and likes to "read" her books to anyone that will listen.

  Kailyn likes to spend time with her big sister. Their relationship is so beautiful. Watching them together brings me such happiness.
   She is an artist in training (by Emmy) and can be found with paper, coloring books, markers, crayons, pens, etc. at about any time of day.   Kailyn knows how to charm all of her older siblings into doing whatever she wants them to...which makes her just a tad bit spoiled (ok, maybe more than a tad bit ;-))

She is just a cheerful, goofy, lovable, sweet little girl. And we are so lucky to call her ours!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sterling's Essay Against Gun Control

Today Sterling's English class got the assignment to write a persuasive essay.
I didn't know about it until he handed me his completed paper when I got
home from work. He didn't receive ANY help from me or anyone else. I have
to say, I'm impressed with how maturely he makes his point and with
logic that puts many (far too many in my opinion) adults to shame!
He grasps what so many don't; the purpose of the 2nd amendment.
And he does so at the age of 12!
 I'm quite proud of my son!
Here is his essay, "Should Guns Be Outlawed?":

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Creepy Guy Text Conversation

For the following text conversation to make a modicum of sense,
you may need to read my previous post, Creepy Guy

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Creepy Guy

Sometimes I work at a local chocolate store (or as my kids call it, the Chocolate Factory). And once in a while I leave after it's dark; which wouldn't be a big issue, except that the parking lot is 3-4 blocks from the store. I did this many times during the Christmas season without ever having an issue. But then tonight something weird/creepy/scary happened.

I was jogging (yep, I sure was!) down the block to the first intersection. I barely missed the walk sign so I stopped at the corner and waited. A car pulled up to the stop light in the left lane on the street I was waiting to cross. So there was one lane between them and me. They had a red light so they were stopped too. I didn't really pay them much attention at first, but after a moment, I happened to glance up and there was a man in the car and he motioned me to come over. I was looking at him like..."Uh, do I know you?" His light turned green and he motioned again and I kind of shook my head and shrugged like, "I don't understand what you want." All the time I'm thinking, "Do I know this guy? I don't recognize the car or the person, but it's kind of dark so I can't be sure. But if they know me, why not SAY something?" Creepy Guy keeps motioning, then starts to pull through the intersection really slow looking back at me like he expects me to follow him. As soon as he gets through the intersection he just stops in the right hand lane and sits there. Of course, I'm a little concerned. I don't recognize him or the car and I'm thinking, "Maybe he thinks I'm a prostitute???" But then again, I'm dressed in jeans, a t-shirt and running jacket. Now, granted, I have VERY limited knowledge of prostitutes and stuff, (only what I've seen on TV) but I'm pretty sure they dress, well, less modestly than that. So really, I'm not sure WHAT Creeper wants. I just stand there watching his car, waiting. Finally my sign changes to walk and I start jogging again and call Rob at the same time. As I glance back the guy is driving away, but I'm not sure if he'll come back around to follow me or not. So I talk to Rob while I finish jogging the last couple blocks to the parking lot, climb in the van and lock the doors.

I don't see the car again, but it leaves me feeling just a little creeped out. Who was that? What did they want? In that moment I wished I had a gun. Sure, nothing happened, but it could have and what would I have been able to do? Run? Yell? There was NO ONE else around, no other cars. I would have been really SCREWED if the guy had gotten out of his car and come after me.

I'm grateful nothing bad happened and that I got home safe and am even able to laugh about it a little. But it makes me realize how vulnerable you can be if there are people who want to harm you and you have no form of defense. Just something to think about...and maybe I'll go get me a cute little pink Sig Sauer and a conceal and carry permit...just saying.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mother of the Year Award

Yep, that's me! Mother of the Year! It takes incredible skills to achieve this level of parenting, I'll tell ya! And its only taken me 12 years!

You might wonder what I did to deserve such an honor, so I'll tell you...but a little background story first.

Once upon a time there was a very busy mom of 6. One day after several hours of serving her community, picking up her 2 youngest kids, making snacks, making dinner, rushing to parent teacher conference #1 of 5 and then returning home to pick up a child for parent teacher conferences #2-4, she and said child headed to the school for said conferences. With child #2 in tow, they attended said child's conference together (glowing reviews for child) after which, said child was given permission to go play outside while mom finished conferences #3 and 4. After said conferences, (again glowing reviews) she then proceeded to the principal's office to carry on a short conversation with the principal about several important items. During which conversation, Hubby called and was ignored until conversation was over. After talking, mom headed to the car calling Hubby back to say she was on her way home and could he take dinner out of the oven. As she pulled away she called BFF to report the results of the conferences. During the call, call waiting beeped in and was ignored until it happened again. After checking caller ID and seeing the school mom interrupted her call to BFF and answered...

Mom: Hello?

Caller: (silence)... (then whispered in the background, "Talk to her")(pause)...Mom? You left me at the school.

Mom: (as it dawns on her that #2 is NOT in the car) Emmy?! I left you at the school (mom is laughing hysterically at this)

Caller: Yep, i saw you drive away.

Mom: (as she continues to laugh) I'm so sorry! I'll be right there in a minute!

Caller: (laughter in the background from secretary) ok mom. Bye.

Mom: (still laughing) Bye.

Mom pulls up to school a few minutes later and #2 climbs in car.

#2: Mom, next year, I think I'll stay with you for all the conferences.

And that is why I'm Mother of the Year!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I left my 10 year old daughter at the school. I completely, totally forgot she'd been with me! And I wonder how long it would have been before I noticed. I feel somewhat better knowing she was somewhere safe and it was the first time I've ever left a kid somewhere. ..:: sigh::

Once in 12 years isn't bad...right?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Good Shopping Trip

I like to coupon...well, sometimes I do. When there are really great deals (like when I can get stuff for free or pretty darn near close to that) I can get really caught up in it. My favorite though is when there are items that end up making me money...yeah, that's awesome!
Dillons is my favorite store to coupon at and today I went and had a really good trip. Usually, I can expect to save around 40%-50% in a normal couponing trip. Today, I did better than that.

I bought:
  • 13 Capri Suns
  • 10 Reach toothbrushes
  • 8  Refrigerated Jello 4 packs
  • 7  bags of Craisins
  • 4  Reach Flosses
  • 4  Pop Tarts
  • 3  12 packs of Pop
  • 2  boxes of Mac and Cheese
  • 2  bags of Gummy Bears
  • 1  box of Popcorn
That's a total of 54 items. The total, pre- card and coupons, was $126.53. Out of pocket I spent...$31.26. That's a savings of 75%. Of course, I had to break my items up into three different transactions to take advantage of a few catalinas. In the end I made money off the floss, toothbrushes and Jello with the coupons and the catalina deals that are currently going on. Averaged out though, I spent about $0.58 an item.
Yeah, that's awesome. :-D

Robert Allen