Sunday, October 28, 2012

Josiah's Baptism

In our church baptism doesn't take place until at least 8 years old. That is when the Lord has declared that we are accountable for our choices. Up to that point, we are innocent. We believe that before 8 years old a child is in a state of learning and as such can't be held accountable for their mistakes and sins. Just like a baby has 9 months of protection and growth inside the womb, these first 8 years of life are similar. It is a time to learn right from wrong and learn to recognize the Spirit. It wouldn't be just to hold an infant, toddler or small child guilty for actions done in ignorance of what is right or wrong. That is one of the reasons that we don't believe in infant baptism. The other is that we don't believe in original sin. To hold a child accountable for the actions of Adam and Eve, actions which they had no control over, would not be just. And God is just. We believe that we are each accountable for our own choices and no one elses.

When we are baptized we promise to follow the Lord, to keep His commandments, and to be an example to others of our Savior and His love. They are important and life long covenants and not to be entered into lightly. So, when Josiah decided that he wanted to be baptized we were so proud. On October 14, Josiah was baptized by his father, Robert. I am so proud of our son for making this big decision to follow the Savior's example. It is such an important choice to make; to choose to covenant with the Lord that you will follow Him and strive to be like Him. After baptism, he was confirmed a member of our church and given the gift of the Holy Ghost, to be with him always. This is one of the greatest gifts our Father gives to us. The Holy Ghost will be there as a comfort and a guide to us forever as long as we live worthy of his companionship and continually repent and strive to do better.

Joe's Uncle John talked of how after he was baptized he tried so hard to stay perfect, but teasing from his siblings made it hard. After a few hours he yelled at them, then felt so terrible that he had sinned. When he talked to my parents they explained that we would all make mistakes and sin in this life, but that because of the Lord's atonement we can be forgiven.

His Uncle Taylor also talked at Joe's baptism. He told about the Holy Ghost and how it will always guide and comfort Joe. How he needs to try hard to make good decisions so that he won't lose that gift.

Joe also asked his Grandma, Aunt Jordan, Aunt Clara, cousin Abbi and his sister, Emmy to sing, "If the Savior Stood Beside Me". It is probably my very favorite primary song. Here are the words:

If the Savior stood beside me, would I do the things I do?
Would I think of His commandments and try harder to be true?
Would I follow His example? Would I live more righteously,
If I could see the Savior standing nigh, watching over me?

If the Savior stood beside me, would I say the things I say?
Would my words be true and kind if He were never far away?
Would I try to share the gospel? Would I speak more reverently
If I could see the Savior standing nigh, watching over me?
He is always near me, though I do not see Him there
And because He loves me dearly, I am in His watchful care
So I'll be the kind of person that I know I'd like to be
If I could see the Savior standing nigh, watching over me.
I especially love the last verse as it reminds me that the Lord is always there, watching us and watching over us. LOVE it!!

There were lots of family and friends there to support and congratulate Joe on this milestone, like his Nana, his primary teacher, and friends from his church class. He is such an amazing boy and we are so glad to have him in our family. Keep choosing to follow our Savior, Joe, we are so proud of you!

Monday, October 22, 2012

What A Bunch of Sickos!

It's been an expensive year so far with all the kids' various medical expenses
and its not getting any better.
In September, Kailyn's preschool teacher was concerned about some things that she was doing in class, like staring off into space and not responding to them at times, or walking kind of weird and off balance. Although I suspected that these were just Kailyn-isms we decided to have an EEG done just to rule out seizures.
Little did I realize at that time that she would have to be sleep deprived...
which meant no more than 4 hours of sleep the night before! It was a looong night for us!
 It involved watching a few movies, a couple of bubble baths

Some yummy treats like cake and candy

And just a lot of vigilance to keep baby girl from falling asleep until about 2 am.
We made it and went to sleep but had to be up again at 6 am.
Mama and Kailyn were definitely sleep deprived!

At the Doctor's office Kailyn got rainbow colored "hair" which she was
a pretty good sport about, even if it took a little while to get it all in place.

She even got to admire herself in the mirror while they did it.

After that it was just a matter of waiting for her to fall asleep, which you would
think would be easy...not so much. Even with me in the bed with her she cried a little
said she was scared, it was too dark, etc. Finally, after about 30 minutes she gave in and slept.
Withing a week we got the results back and they were normal, as we expected.
In other health related news, we've also had the "luck" to have pneumonia
floating around our house.
It all started when Sterling came home sick after school one Thursday. Fever, nausea, headache, fatigue; blah! So I sent him to bed and waited to see how he felt the next day.
When he woke up he had a elevated temperature, but not a technical fever since it was only 99.6 or something, but I kept him home and sure enough his temp went up throughout the
day. This went on until Monday night when he said his chest and abdomen hurt.
So I took him into an urgent care clinic and the Dr. there checked him out
and said it was probably just viral and he'd be better in a day or so.
We waited a couple more days and I called our pediatrician who wanted him to
be seen by the Nurse Practitioner. She also checked him out, chest sounded clear,
ears were clear, throat was fine. So she ordered some blood work.
Apparently, Sterling doesn't do well with needles and blood work cause he almost passed out.
The plus side was that he got a lot of attention from the nurses. ;-) All the blood work came back normal though so we were still trying to figure out what was making him sick.
The next day he was still feeling awful, with no sign of improvement so even though
he'd been seen the day before I called the Dr again. He said that he did want to see Sterling
and check him out himself. So we went and Dr C. did a VERY thorough exam and asked a
bunch of questions. When he listened to his lungs he said that there was
a very slight wheeze, so he decided to order a chest xray just in case it was walking pneumonia.
He didn't really think it was, but he said he'd hate to miss it if it was.
So off to the hospital we went to get the xray. We'd   just left the hospital parking lot when we
got a call from our Dr saying they had the results of the xray and Sterling
did in fact have pneumonia! I was stunned! Sterling hadn't even really been coughing!
So Dr C put him on antibiotics and within a couple days he was back to normal. It was such a relief
to FINALLY know what was making him sick,
I wish the story ended there, but last week Emmy started to complain that she felt sick.
She did the same as Sterling starting off the day with an elevated temp that
got higher in the afternoon, but it never reached a fever until Thursday night. So
suspecting the same thing as Sterling I called our Dr again and they got Emmy in to see the
Nurse practitioner. Emmy had been coughing, unlike Sterling, and when she listened
to Emmy's lungs there was some crackling. So, pneumonia case #2 was diagnosed
and antibiotics were started.
Now she's back to feeling better, but Joe, is home sick today. He doesn't have a fever, though his temp is 99.1. So I guess I'll wait and see what develops. Either Joe is faking...or he may
be the next kid to come down with pneumonia.
Of course,on top of that, Kailyn and Eddie both threw up last night so I'll be waiting to
see if they're sick also.
Fun times! Try not to be jealous!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another Belated Birthday

Have I mentioned how awful I am at getting posts up on time!! I'd say its because I'm a bad mom ,but the truth is its because I just don't have time...or maybe I'm a bad mom, whichever.

Regardless of the "why" I missed posting on Cori's birthday, so I'm catching up now.

Our little Cori-o was our first "surprise" baby. (Yes, we've had a few.) And the first time I suspected I was pregnant was when I changed one of Joe's poopie diapers and...gagged. Yep, that was the first sign that something was up. And since then, Cori has been a boy full of surprises!

He came into our family on October 11, 2005 at 9:54 am weighing 8lbs 1oz and 21 inches long. He came after having contractions all night long and after us waking up our friends at like 5 am to drop off the other 3 kiddos so we could head up to the hospital. I had no pain meds and no pitocin just like the two kiddos before him. It was amazing to finally meet the little man and we've loved him ever since.

He has always been very happy and loves to be silly, always trying to make those around him laugh. Its surprising how cute this boy could be even when he was so young.

And this look...yeah, he still does it. It's the "I'm gonna do something that you probably don't want me to but what are you gonna do about it since I'm so cute" look.

And those big blue eyes...It's surprising how even his teachers at school 
comment on how he can cause trouble then look at you with those eyes
 and you almost forget. Yeah, they're beautiful. :-)

This boy, whose had a fascination with ropes, strings, keys and various other items for as long as I remember. In fact for a year or so there was a green piece of string that he'd carry with him EVERYWHERE!! And if he lost the GREEN Aunt Clara and Uncle John's house then you'd better spend an hour looking for it cause no other string was going to do. Yeah, that kind of string. And he'd put a belt or rope draped around his neck and walk around the house often carrying a small blue purse stuffed with keys, string, cars, counting bears and anything else he could shove in there. It always surprised us what we'd find in there. 

He also surprised us by going from a dark blond an almost black haired little boy!
No other kid in the family has hair that dark. And I LOVE it!! 

He also like to surprise the cat with "rides" on his sit and spin. 
Which you can read all about HERE

He surprised us by learning to ride his bike without training wheels at the youngest age of any of our kids so far. I think he was 4. And when he got his new bike, he was thrilled! 

He is the kids that can torment and tease his sibling mercilessly, but he adores them all the same. He loves to help out with the little kids and his younger cousins. He has a heart of gold. 
He has been a boy that has surprised us with all the tests and trials he can put us though, but he also surprises me with the depth of his love for his family and friends and his fierce desire to do whats right. We are so proud of our son and grateful that the Lord sent him to our family!

HAPPY belated 7th BIRTHDAY CORI!! 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cousins: The Spice of Life!

Growing up I didn't have many cousins living nearby. I had and Aunt and Uncle with their kids who lived about 15 minutes away, but eventually they moved out of state. But I was so lucky in that I did get to go to Utah occasionally with my family to see my cousins...and I LOVED it!
Fast forward to now- my cousins still live FAR away, but my kids are so lucky to have most of their cousins live within a mile of them!
Kailyn and Rori eating Ethan's bday cake

I love that they have the chance to have birthdays together, to celebrate holidays and just make memories in general. I love to watch them laugh and play. To see their budding personalities as they grow and become best friends.
Cousins are unique. They are family by blood, but friends by choice. They have the ties that will keep you together forever, but enough distance that you can just be friends.
Eddie and Ike think it's yummy too!
 It is such a joy to me to see them learning how to interact with so many different personalities in such a safe and loving environment. A  place where it's safe to make mistakes because you know the other person will love you no matter what and will forgive you.
It's so amazing to see how different and how similar these creatures called cousins are. They may look the same, but act totally opposite. Or they may look nothing alike and have the same quirks.
Yeah, they love each other
Watching them build bonds that will last them throughout their lives is a precious thing to me. I may not have had the chance to do it with my cousins on a daily basis, but those friendships are some of my most cherished friendships. No matter how long we're apart, we pick up like we never left.
Luckily, for my kiddos, they get to see their cousins on a near daily basis. They don't even know any different and I love that.
It is sad that they have a cousin that lives far away and a few who they don't see at all, but I'm grateful for the chances that they do have to spend with the ones they can. And when we do see their cousin Allen, they adore him like he is just another one of the clan.
Deep thoughts
I am just grateful that the Lord has allowed them the chance to spend so much of their lives with their cousins. These are memories and relationships that they will have forever, even when they grow up and move apart from each other.
Discussing the complexities of life while
sitting on the shore at the Wamego pond
I can just imagine someday, far in the future, when my kids and their cousins will get together with their families and reminisce about their childhoods. And how blessed they will be to have so many shared memories. They will always have someone to back them up, to laugh with them, to correct them, to comfort them, and to love them. Cause in this crazy world, you can never have too many family members or friends...and cousins are both!

Robert Allen