Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday, Josiah!!

As the previous post said, I'm always behind. Grrr...seems like there's never enough time to do what I need to or at least what I should. But poor Joe! I think he gets the worst of it! Since his birthday falls so close to the beginning of the school year, I think I kind of overlook it. It just kind of sneaks up on my each year. I know, I know, bad mom!! But he never complains. He is such a sweet, kind and loving boy. And he was from the beginning.

Joe was my earliest baby. He was born at 37 weeks and 6 days. There was some concern that with how quickly Emmy came (labor was a total of about 1 hour) that Joe would make his appearance before we could get to the hospital, even though we only lived about 15 minutes from it. And since Emmy was almost 2 weeks early we wanted to make sure that didn't happen. So, on September 2, 2004 I went in to be induced. My labor though was nowhere near as fast as Emmy's and Josiah Redeker made his apearance into our lives at 3:04pm. He was my smallest baby at only 7lbs 10oz. But he'd grow into my chubbiest!  

Notice those big cheeks and his buddha belly? He was such a happy baby and he loved to laugh.

He also loved to carry his purse around. And each of the boys after him have also adopted that same purse to carry around their prized possesions in.

A couple of quirky things about Joe was that when he got his teeth in he didn't get the middle ones in first. He got the ones next to them! It's hard to see in this picture, but for several weeks the boy had fangs! It was HILARIOUS!!

He also went through a phase where he loved all things cowboy. Notice the strategically placed gun?
He also had the most adorable dimples in his cheeks....

Other cheeks! It's most noticeable in his right cheek, but when he smiles just right, you can see them in both.
This boy is almost always smiling! And he's such a heartbreaker. 

I think this picture is one of my most favorite of all time!! He was such a handsome little boy!

And he's becoming such a handsome young man. This little man holds a special place in my heart. He was my first really cuddly baby and probably the goofiest too! He brings such joy and laughter into our lives and I'm so grateful that we were chosen by the Lord to be his eternal family.  

I'm also so proud that he has made the choice to be baptized this year. In our church, we don't baptize infants since they are without sin and are in a state of innocence and learning. Baptism is not done until at least 8 years old. That is when children reach the age of accountability. They interview with their Bishop to make sure they understand what baptism means and what covenants they are making with the Lord. It isn't a step to be taken lightly and we are so proud that Joe has chosen to take that step in the near future. 

We are so proud of Joe and the person that he is. He is a kind and loving big brother and son. He loves hugs and kisses and making those around him laugh. He is definitely a special boy and we are so glad to call him our son! We love you Joe!


I'm Always Behind!

She's still my princess.
He's such a "cool" guy!
My sweet Cori
My goofy, lovable Joe.
About a month ago, well, a little less actually, the big kiddos started school. This year, the start date was August 15th for K-6. And for the first time we had a middle schooler! I can hardly believe it! Of course, in our school district, middle school starts in 6th grade, but it seems like such a huge milestone for some reason. Lockers, changing classes, multiple teachers...big changes for sure! But Sterling has taken to it with a breeze and loves the independence...not that much has really changed, but it feels like it. Emmy, our 4th grader, was thrilled for school to start again. She missed her friends and, believe it or not, the work. This girl LOVES to learn. Her favorite activity this summer was working in her 5th grade math book...that is until it went missing. Then I kept hearing, "mom, have you seen my math workbook?" Uh, no....I don't even like math! So for her, in some ways, summer vacation is simply a necessary, but not entirely wanted, break. Joe is in 2nd grade this year. He was also excited to go back to school, but only to see his friends. He does well in school, but would rather play all day if he could. Although I catch him up reading late every night and he's excited about the books that he's reading and constantly wants to try harder, more challenging books. First grader Cori is...well, shall we say, challenging? He's very bright according to his teachers, but he's having some trouble behaving at school, both last year and so far this year. He can be such a sweetie when he wants to. In fact his gym teacher always comments on how adorable he is...even though he creates quite a lot of havoc for her. If you've spent some time with Cori, you've probably seen the grin that lights up his face when he knows he's not doing what he should. The, "You can't be mad at me because I'm cute" grin. Granted, it doesn't work so well on mom and dad anymore, but he still tries it. Hopefully, things will improve for him. otherwise, it's going to be a miserable year for him and us. :::sigh::: I love that kid anyway, though! My little dark haired, bright blue eyed boy. :-) 
Happy Back to School!!!
I know I'm loving it!!!! 

Robert Allen