Friday, August 31, 2012

Action Shots From the Park

While Eddie and I were waiting for Kailyn to get out of school,
 we stopped by a park near the school and played for a little bit.
After about 25 minutes we had to leave to get Kai Kai but decided to 
head back to play after picking her up. These are just some fun
pics from our little outing. 

Climbing in the Tunnel

"Yook Mom, Yook my muscles"

Studying animals in preparation for his
 future career of zoologist


This boy loves to swing!

Checking to make sure the lawn mower
stayed VERY far away from him!

Running for the swings

My pretty little princess

He's ornery. You can tell!

I just love his smile!

Jumping to reach the roof of the play area

Happy girl!

Monday, August 20, 2012

The First Day is Hard...for Mom

It's late. Well, for me anyway. But i don't want to go to bed.
See, tomorrow is my baby girl's first day of preschool. She is so excited! But me, well, truth be told, not so much.

And I feel like if I just stay awake, tomorrow won't come and I won't have to send my little princess off on her own. Of course, reality is that it will come and I'll just be super tired.

I'm just not ready to send my miracle baby away for half the day. Sure, I've spent time away from her before, including overnight, but this feels different. It's another milestone in her growing up and becoming independent of me.

This little girl that I yearned for for so long, the baby that brought so much healing to our hearts and home, heading off to preschool. When did that baby get big enough to do that?

But, send her off, I will and with a smile no less. But when she's gone...I'm pretty sure I'll shed a tear...or two...or maybe a bucket full.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer Adventures

This past summer has really been uneventful, all things considered. We didn't take any long vacations and the one short one we had planned was cancelled due to my fainting episode. Despite that, I think the kids have rather enjoyed our laid back summer holiday. A couple of highlights have occurred just recently.

At the end of July we were so blessed to have my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bob come out to visit from UT. But that's not all!! They brought with them 6 of their 7 kids (my cousin Nate is currently serving a mission) and their kids' families as well. All told I think there was something like 20 people traveling together!We spent Saturday and Sunday in Manhattan with them chatting and letting the kids run around and play.At times like that I really am sad that my extended family live so far away since we see each other so rarely. But it was so much fun! On Monday morning they continued on their way to go visit some of our church's historic sites out this way and our family was lucky enough to have the chance to go with them for one day.

 Our first stop was at the Kansas City Missouri Temple. The kids all got out and checked out the beautiful fountain. It was so cute to see them all lined up just staring into the water. We then took some time to take pictures. Unfortunately, have only a few. But one of my cousins took tons of pictures. Including some of all of us! And we were quite a large group!

After stopping at the temple we continued on to Liberty Jail in Liberty, MO. The kids (kinda) sat (relatively) quietly during the presentation about the time that he Prophet Joseph Smith spent in this prison. It's amazing to realize just how horrid the conditions were for them. The ceiling was so low in the dungeon that they were kept in that they couldn't even stand up straight. The food was awful, their was nothing to protect them from the freezing temperatures, and to top it all off, they were unjustly imprisoned in the first place. I can't imagine what it must have been like. But some of the most uplifting and inspiring scriptures came out of the time that the Prophet spent there.

After the time at Liberty Jail we went to a park just down the road and had a picnic of hot dogs and baked beans. It was actually really good and the kids had fun playing at the little splash park and on the playground. It was a nice break from the driving, especially for those who had been driving for days already I assume!

After the lunch break we loaded back up and headed to Independence, MO to go to the visitor's center there. It was so much fun to learn a little more about how the Saints in that area lived and to hear how one of our ancestors played such an integral role in it all. It was cool to sit in a replica log cabin that was probably the size of our TV room and realize that at the time 13 families may have lived it it since housing was so scarce! CRAZY!!

It was after that point that our families went our separate ways. The Fairbanks' were moving on to other historical sites and we needed to get back home. I loved the time while it lasted. I loved watching the kiddos rekindling their friendships with their cousins that they see so little. And me, getting to do the same.

I am incredibly blessed to have not only the immediate family that I do, but the extended family that I do. They are amazing, wonderful , caring people. The very best this earth has to offer, I think!. So, thank you Fairbanks Clan for the chance to spend time with you all and for sharing your time, love and food with us! We love you sooooo much!!

The second fun adventure we had was just a couple weekends ago. Rob and I had gone walking up by the Governor's mansion and discovered this really AWESOME bike track in the middle of the woods. There were log bridges to ride over and jumps and...Oh My Gosh! So many fun things to do on a bike. So we packed up the kids and the bikes into the trailer and headed over. We didn't tell the kids what we were doing or where we were going except that it involved bikes. The track is a little hike down into the woods and you come around a corner you see a path off to the side that opens up to it. The kids faces lit up! They were so excited!
Though the first thing they noticed was this enormous tree with a vine hanging down. And our little monkeys climbed right up and started swinging on it! Honestly, they probably spent over half the time just swinging back and forth playing Tarzan(s) and Jane(s). But it was so fun to watch!

Then, of course, they were all about riding all over the course. Over the log and tree stump bridges; up and over mounds of dirt. They loved trying to jump their bikes and see who could get the highest. We did have one minor injury when Cori skidded in the dirt and the handle bar gouged him in the stomach. All I can say is Yeowch!!  It looked really painful...and he cried like it was. After a few minutes he was up and running around and riding his bike again. Kailyn and Eddie were content to watch and run up and over the hills of dirt or jump off the logs and tree stumps. But I suspect all of their
favorite part was...getting dirty. Just running, jumping and rolling in the dirt without any concern for the laundry or baths that were coming once they got home. Eddie was even so kind as to help Joe get just a bit dirtier by dumping handfuls of dirt on him. Kailyn needed no such help...she did that to herself. :-) Ahh, kids! It was a fun and tiring afternoon. But I hope it's on the kids will always remember. I know I will!

Robert Allen