Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lost and Found

A couple weeks ago we had the the unfortunate experience of losing our dog, Duke. In this case, "losing" is a euphemism for "Duke died". It was very sudden and totally unexpected. He was fine one morning, got sick that night and died the next evening. Needless to say, this made for some very sad kiddos, and parents, truth be told.

The kids and I were at the pool when Rob called me with the sad news. So I waited until we got home and then broke the news to them. We took them outside to see Duke's body and say goodbye.
There were lots of tears and crying. Sterling felt bad that Duke was alone when he died, and honestly, so did I. If I'd known, we would have stayed home and just loved and petted him. But he was on antibiotics and wasn't any worse than the night before, so I was hoping he would show some improvement and get better in the next day or so. But I guess he was worse than we or the vet thought. We are grateful that he looked so peaceful. He was curled up in his dog house and looked like he'd just fallen asleep, and I hope that's what happened. He was a good dog and I very much took that for granted but I've learned a lot from having  him. 

After he died, I figured it'd be awhile before we even thought about getting another dog. It'd be nice not having to worry about feeding, watering or taking a dog out to the bathroom....but the house seemed so empty without him. (yeah, 6 kids and the house seemed empty...go figure) I found myself checking Duke's cage every time I pulled into the driveway, to see if he was in there. Or stopping myself from asking Rob each night if he'd fed and watered Duke. Besides, our floors were messier than ever without a dog to come along behind the masses and clean up their dropped and spilled food.

So last Saturday I proposed to Rob that we head to the shelter and look at dogs and surprisingly, he didn't object! We packed up the kids and headed out to LOOK at dogs. At first, nothing really caught our eyes, or rather the ones that did weren't suitable in some way or another. See, I have some definite ideas of what I do and don't want. Puppies-NO! Potty training kids is hard enough, I refuse to do that with a dog. Chewing or running away-NOPE! Again, kids are messy enough and chasing them is more than enough for me. Biting or eating of small children-VERY MUCH OPPOSED TO THAT. We walked through the kennels a few times and were about to give up when I FOUND him. A cute, 6 year old, cocker spaniel named Buddy.
Normally I'm a huge fan of big (read, Ginormous!) dogs. This is, in large part, due to a friend of mine from school who owned a great dane named Dub, that I loved! But I decided to go for a much smaller dog this time for various reasons.

So we decided to meet him...and fell in love! He is spunky, and loving and tolerated me yanking on his ears and being rather rough with him (with a 2 year old in our house, that's just a reality, though we are teaching Eddie to be softer...but he's used to Duke who was large enough for Eddie and Joe to use as a pillow pet) Buddy does have a few bad habits (running away being one of them...dang!) But overall he's a great dog and with some time and a minor surgery to remove, I'm hoping he'll be more willing to not bolt out the open door when the chance is presented to him. And that's how we lost our sweet dog Duke and found our new addition, Buddy.

There is a second part to the "Lost and Found" title to this post that's much more cheerful. Sunday night Cori lost his very first tooth! He didn't even cry, though he did yell "owww!" once, right as I pulled his tooth out. And, the next morning he found a dollar under his pillow :-) He's one happy, toothless boy!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Baby Turns 2!

Where does the time go?
Not that long ago I couldn't wait to be rid of this...

So I could finally meet and hold this...
squirmy, messy, perfect little baby boy!
June 25, 2010 he made his debut into the world and into our family.

 Luckily, he cleaned up well and we soon (immediately) fell in love
with this wrinkly, chubby, little baby.

Ever since he was born, he's loved to hold my hand while he slept.
And he still does to this day.
If I lay with him in bed, soon I'll hear his sweet little voice declare,
"Han", and he'll grab on and cuddle with my hand until he falls asleep.

He's also been our most "troublesome" baby, managing to be hospitalized twice
in his first year of life! Neither time turned out to be seriousm but until him we'd never
had any kiddos admitted to the hospital. Guess he thought he needed to
distinguish himself somehow! ;-) And we are so grateful that he
is a happy, healthy boy! 

He's our Eddie Spaghetti, our Caboose, our BooseKaBear and our Boo Bear.
 He is such a cute little man and it doesn't seem that long ago that he was
just learning to sit and crawl. I wonder where that baby's gone?

 My sweet little mama's boy who makes me laugh and who I love to cuddle!

With a smile that lights up his entire face and melts my heart

 My first baby with hair and such sweet little curls that I miss so much.
This one I used to wrap around my finger over and over.
But he had to grow up and get a big boy hair cut. :*(

Just like his daddy's.
 Of course, this was done while mommy was gone.
She wasn't ready to say goodbye to all that beautiful thick hair!
At least he's still as handsome as ever (like his daddy!)

And now, he's grown into such a big boy!
A boy who loves his "piggy pig" Kit Kat.

Who thinks he's adorable and should ALWAYS get his way!
Who has embraced the "terrible two's" with abandon.

And who has completed our family and stolen our hearts.
We love you so much Eddie and are incredibly grateful
Heavenly Father sent you to be a part of our Forever Family!

HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY Boo Bear!!!!
We Love you!

Robert Allen