Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Moment to Remember

As we were putting Kailyn and Eddie to bed tonight the cutest thing happened. I wish I could have gotten a picture or video but I didn't.
Eddie had climbed out of bed and Rob picked him him and laid him down in his arms and started swaying with him. Unbeknownst to him Kailyn was watching and mimicking his every move with her own baby.
It was so sweet to see her looking at him with her big blue eyes copying him. It hit me in that moment that I am raising a future mommy. Every thing I do, good or bad, she absorbs and may some day repeat with her own children. I hope that more of my behavior than not, is worthy of being emulated.

The End of the School Year

Because I'm not very good at keeping up with my blog there were a few events that I missed covering over the past month. Back in April the school had it's annual Science Fair. Sterling and Emmy had individaul projects and Joe did one with his class. Joe's class did a prject about animals. Each student wrote a short report on the animal of their choice and Joe chose the rhinoceros.

Sterling's experiment was titled "A Vinegar Filled Eggsperiment". He wanted to see how temperature affected the way vinegar dissolved the shell on an egg. He got an "A"

Emmy's was called "A Grape Stain Fighting Experiment". She wanted to find out which stain remover was most effective. She tested several methods and decided that bleach was most effective, but wouldn't work on colored clothes. The next best method was OxiClean. She also got an "A".

At the end of the year the school hosts a one mile fun run and health carnival. Every finisher gets a medal but the first boy student and girl student to cross the finish get their names on a plaque in the school. And this year, we are pleased to announce that Emmy was the first girl to finish! Apparently, she told my friend Danna that she wanted to be the first girl to finish but that she thought it would be a 5th grader. I had no idea that she had that goal, but GOAL ACCOMPLISHED! Way to go sweetie!

And then it was the end of the year. This year is a very special year for us since our first kiddo, Sterling, moves onto middle school next year. He will be in the 6th grade and I can hardly believe it! The school holds a 5th grade dinner/celebration for the students and their parents. There was dinner and a slide show of the kids as well as a photo booth for the kids to mess around taking picture in. At the end there was a balloon release. For the most part it was fun, although the emcee was very long winded and was pretty corny, but cut out her and it would have been perfect! It was a fun night with our little young man...:::sigh::: He's growing so fast and becoming a young man instead of a child. At times I look at him and realize that he's not my little boy anymore. It's so amazing to see him learn and grow, to ask questions about the world around him, particularly pertaining to morality and politics, and to realize that right now he is forming and solidifying the principles and morals that will guide him for the rest of his life. I want to protect him from the abundance of filth and immorality that plague our society but I also know that outside of our home, I have very little control. All I can do is teach him and lay that foundation and hope and pray he clings to it. It's scary seeing the dangers and temptations that he will face and knowing that he is mostly unaware. He will have to learn to be strong in the face of temptaion and pressure, he will have to learn to stand firm in doing what is right, even when society is pulling the other direction. 
I look forward to seeing who he becomes as a young man and eventually as an adult, but I can't help but want to keep him little and innocent as long as possible. Childhood goes by so fast, and he's so eager to get his over with, if only he knew. :-) Happy Graduation Sterling! Dad and I are so proud of the boy you are and the young man you are becoming. Love you sooooo much!!

Sterling and his friends Gabe and Gregory

Thursday, May 24, 2012

How a Blog Giveaway Turned Into a Blessing

There are times in our life when we have the chance to be an answer to someone's prayer and other times when someone is the answer to ours.

This story actually begins months ago when my sister, Jordan, was beaten by her husband. They had been separated for some time after he had become increasingly physically violent on a couple occasions. She was getting counseling and they had gone to a few sessions together to try and work things out. One night, while she was driving, they started arguing about some drug paraphernalia that she'd found in the vehicle. Their 2 year old daughter, Rori, was in the backseat when he started shoving my sister. She managed to pull over at which point he pulled her head into his lap and started pounding on her head with his cast (He had a broken wrist). I don't know how many times he hit her but it left bruises and some scrapes on her head and face as well as a serious concussion. Somehow she got him out of the car and headed home. The police were called and her husband was arrested. At this point, my sister knew she had to give up on saving her marriage and focus on saving herself and daughter from the violence. Now, switch stories to my friend Danna.

Danna has a blog called "3 Pink Cupcakes" that documents the life and times of her family of 5; her, her hubby "K", and her 3 girls. Some time ago she was contacted by Sesame Street Live to do a giveaway on her blog for a 4 pack of tickets to Elmo Live here in town. She wondered why they had chosen her blog but was super excited to host her first ever giveaway. So a few weeks before the performance she put up the blog post. My husband and I entered...,OK, I actually entered him,but still. I also called Jordan to let her know about it and she entered it too.

Now, Jordan was going through a lot at this point. She was struggling as a single mom with no breaks, trying to work 2 jobs to make ends meet, getting all the information together to get financial assistance and go forward with the divorce. On top of all that, she struggled with not having the time or energy to give her little girl the attention and time together that she wanted to. I really hoped she'd get the tickets because of everything she'd been through. I think there were about 10 people entered into the giveaway so the odds weren't too bad, but someone else won the tickets. Although I was disappointed it wasn't a big deal. Interestingly though, Danna couldn't get in touch with the winner. For days she tried everything she could think of; her blog's facebook page, 2 blog posts announcing the winner and asking her to contact Danna, replying directly to her comment for her entry. Nothing. No response. She decided that she couldn't let the tickets go to waste, so she held a second drawing.

Jordan won! Danna was so excited and called to tell me. When I told Jordan she about cried! She hadn't even known that there'd been a second drawing so she hadn't given the tickets another thought. Being the awesome sister that she is, she invited me and Kailyn to come along. But, the blessings didn't end there.

The day of the show I went to exchange the vouchers for tickets. There were two shows that day, one at 10:30am and the other at 7:00pm. We were going to the later one, after Jordan got off work and our seats were on the first balcony level. As we were driving to the theater Jordan noticed that the tickets were for the 10:30am show! Apparently the lady had misunderstood what show I wanted. Jordan called the theater to see what we should do. They said it was no problem, just to bring the tickets and they'd exchange them, we were so relieved! We would have had two VERY disappointed girls.

When we got there we had to wait a few minutes for the lady bringing our new tickets to us. When she came she handed us 4 paper tickets and said, "These are floor seats." We were both speechless for a moment. We had just thought they'd give us similar seats but they had upgraded us! We were right in the center section maybe 6 or 7 rows back from the stage!
The Fabulous 5: Abby Cadabby, Telly,
Zoe and Rocco (her pet rock) and Elmo
The girls loved every minute of it. And the spot was so perfect! At several points throughout the show, some of the characters would come out into the audience and shake hands with the kids. We don't have any pictures of it but Kailyn and Rori got to meet Zoe and the Count. Though Kailyn didn't like the Count because, "He's scary. He's a monster." It was such a perfect, fun night! Jordan was able to just relax and enjoy some time with her little girl and me with mine.
Watching the Show
The look on Kailyn's face after the cannon went off shooting
confetti into the air
Danna had no way of knowing when she was asked to do this giveaway that it would be such an incredible blessing to someone, but the Lord did. He used Danna and her blog to bless my sister and me also. I am convinced that the Lord knew that Jordan and Rori needed this night away, to just be together; mom and daughter. A night when they didn't have to focus on everything that was going on, a night to just have fun. I am so thankful to Him and to my best friend, Danna at 3 Pink Cupcakes. Thank you for being the kind of person that the Lord can use to bless others. You have been a great blessing to me in so may ways and this is just one more.  
Kailyn and Rori in front of the stage

Robert Allen