Friday, September 30, 2011

Movie Night, Anyone?

Baby Momma
Starring Kai Kai as Baby Momma

At Least He's Not a Pot Head! ;-)
Starring Eddie as Bucket Head

Story Time with Eddie
Starring Eddie as Himself

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Emmy Cheerleads and GI Joe's Birthday Party

We had a busy weekend! We had signed Emmy up for the TWHS cheerleading clinic for the 2nd year. The clinic was last weekend but on Friday was the game! She always has so much fun cheering and we get a kick out of watching her. She was more involved this year, whether because she knew the cheers better or just because she felt more comfortable, I'm not sure. This is one of my favorite cheers. The little Cheerleaders only cheered for the 1st half so we left after that since Eddie was NOT happy about being there. But it was a fun family night!

On Saturday morning Joe (finally) had his 7th birthday party. We didn't really have a theme but he wanted a motocross cake. This was probably one of the EASIEST cakes I've made so far but it turned out really cute!

The boys went on 2 scavenger hunts, played pin the tail on the donkey and then the highlight....
the Pinata!

 Later Saturday evening the kids' school had their annual Fall Festival. There was lots to do, but the cutest thing was Joe dressed up in army gear! He even climbed in and sat in the real Humvee. He makes such a handsome GI Joe! And his Uncle Blake was so proud. :-)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Skew What?

Eddie had his appointment at the orthopaedic clinic at Children's Mercy Hospital on Thursday and I came away knowing less than when I went. Our journey began when Eddie started walking and we noticed something weird with his feet. I blogged about it HERE if you want to go back and read it. This is what they look like when he's standing:
At his 1 year check up our pediatrician, Dr. C, said he thought Eddie had metatarsus adductus. MA is when the bones in the front part of the foot turn in towards the body. Well, we went to CMH thinking that was what he had. When we met the nurse practitioner she and the intern-resident-student-person with her, examined Eddie's feet and legs. After about 10-15minutes of pulling, twisting, bending and flexing the nurse practitioner told us that Eddie did not, in fact, have MA like we thought. She suspected that he actually has something called skewfoot. She talked a little about how his tendon in his arch is tight as well as his achilles tendon, how his foot isn't as flexible as it should be which is what happens with skewfoot (I guess...). At that point I took him to get x-rays to see how his bones were growing. Pretty cool looking huh?

After reviewing the x-rays she told me that she was sure that at least his left foot is skewfoot, although his right may be MA. She also told me that we would need to see a surgeon, not because he needs surgery, but because he needed someone who specializes in things like this. If it had been MA she would have shown me some stretching and physical therapy to do, but she wasn't able to treat skewfoot. She also said something about Dr. J deciding what to do and if casting would be necessary. (WHAT?? Casting a walking toddler??) So I set up an appointment with Dr. J to have Eddie evaluated for skewfoot and we left.

 I have soooo many questions though. I felt like I didn't get any useful information other than, he has skewfoot and she couldn't treat it. So I called our awesome pediatrician and talked to his equally awesome nurse, Jennifer. I told her what we'd found out and asked if she could find out from Dr. C what skewfoot was, how it's different from MA and how it's treated. Dr. C called me later that evening (yes, he called me in the evening! That's how amazing he is!!) and basically said he didn't know what it was and couldn't find anything other than a couple brief references to it in their database. He apologized that he couldn't help me out. I threatened to find a new ped for the kiddos ;-), but that will never happen unless he leaves the practice for some reason...and he'd better not or I, along with my friend Danna and SIL Clara, will be forced to stalk him and move wherever he goes! ;-)

So here we are, more clueless than even before. I have managed to find a couple articles on skewfoot and MA but, unfortunately, they are research articles and are written in medical lingo so I don't understand them at all. :-( I did find one article that explained skewfoot in somewhat layman's terms but I still don't understand how what I read applies to Eddie. I guess I'll just have to wait the 2 1/2 weeks until his next appointment at CMH.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back 2 School... A While Ago

Yeah, started about a month ago, on August 16, 
and I just realized that I never posted any pictures of the kiddos on their first day of school.
Oops! Well here they are:

Sterling is in the 5th grade!! I can't believe it!
This will be his last year of elementary
school. In our district middle school starts
in 6th grade. He is in Ms. H's class and was so excited
to go back to school and see his friends.
He will also be playing trumpet this year in band. Wohoo!!

Emmy is in 3rd grade and in Mrs. N's class.
Mrs. N loves frogs and science and Emmy is looking
forward to all that she'll learn in class. I just hope that
she'll be challenged. So far, she finds it too easy. ::Sigh::
What can you do? :-)

Joe is in Mrs. H's 1st grade class. She was also Emmy's
1st grade teacher and we are excited to work with
her again. Joe is also excited to be back with his
friends and to learn to read like his big
sister and brother. He also managed to finally
learn to tie his shoes!!

And finally, Cori. He started kindergarten
and was lucky to get Mrs. K. She was Sterling's 1st
grade teacher and we LOVE her! Of course, we've loved all
our teachers at school so far. Our school has been blessed to
have the most incredible and wonderful teachers! Cori loves
school and especially getting to ride the bus again. It's all
day kindergarten and I miss him, but he doesn't seem to mind
at all. 

And here's our happy group shot on the first morning before
heading down to the bus stop. Hopefully it will be a fun year,
with lots of learning and no trouble! ;-)

Friday, September 2, 2011

One Year Older and Wiser Too!

No matter how often Rob tells him not to, Joe insists on growing! It's rather frustrating really. Growing means new clothes and shoes, more food and, ultimately, less time before he's all grown up and living his own life. :-( Why can't they stay little longer...although there are days that I wish they'd grow up even faster!

Although Joe started off as my smallest baby at only 7lbs 10 oz, that didn't last. He soon grew into my chubbiest, rolliest baby! He had a cute round face with chubby cheeks, rubber band wrists, and a little Buddha belly. I LOVED all his glorious chubby.

He was also my little vampire baby! Instead of getting his teeth in in a normal patter (bottom   2 middle ones, top 2 middle ones) he decided to be...well weird. He got two of his outside top teeth in first which made him look like he had fangs. It was hilarious, but then Joe has always been our goofy boy!

And have I mentioned that ADORABLE dimple in his cheek?
I love that dimple! He actually has one in each cheek,
but the one in his right cheek is the most easily seen.

And then there's his thumb sucking and ear rubbing habit.
He adored his binky, but about 6 months after we took it away he
suddenly started sucking his thumb!
And to this day, when he is tired or upset, in goes the thumb and
often times the other hand rubs his ear.  

Did I mention he's our little goof ball?
He makes me laugh with the faces he makes!

But he is also one of our sweetest kids.

And a wonderful brother to all his

Happy 7th birthday sweet Joe Joe!
We love you very much and are so grateful
that you are part of our family!

Robert Allen