Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Picture Post

That doesn't look comfortable!

Ummm...yeah...crayons can go in ears.

Sometimes I just can't believe how
beautiful my little girl is!

So proud of himself for climbing up on Joe's bed

Potty training is so exhausting...!

...So is eating, apparently!

...And watching TV. What a sweet
big brother to cuddle with her.

Kai likes to cuddle with Eddie at nap time.

Eddie REALLY liked his cupcake!!

"I have 2 babies!"

Maybe he's a ballerina in his sleep? ;-)

Kai and her buddy Ainsley holding
hands while Danna and I were walking.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Meet Me in St. Louis

We decided to take our kids to St. Louis for a weekend vacation a couple weeks ago. Interestingly enough we didn't got to see the arch or any of the other "normal" St. Louis tourist stuff. Other than hanging out at the hotel and swimming the only thing we did was to go to The Magic House. We had gotten a really great deals on tickets (10 for $40, normally it's $8.75 ages 1+) through Groupon so that was what prompted the getaway in the first place. I wasn't really sure what to expect but WOW was I impressed! We spent over 5hours there and the kids were occupied the WHOLE time. They would have even stayed longer if we'd let them. There is just so much to do and experience!

The traveling exhibit was Alice in Wonderland and that's were we started off. You could play instruments shaped like mushrooms, have a tea party, peek through the doors and try some fun experiments of the Mad Hatters. There was even a mirror that when you looked in it, you could see the Cheshire Cat! Super fun!

Another incredible feature was the beanstalk in the middle of the building. It went from the basement level up to the 2nd floor. It was completely safe, surrounded by netting and with no way to fall down it. The four older kids had a blast climbing all the way to the top and back to the bottom.

And then there was the Bubble Room!! Bubbles, bubbles everywhere! There were several different areas to experiment with bubbles. The biggest hit? How about putting yourself INSIDE a bubble!

One of the kids favorite places was the Children's Village. Just like it sounds it was a miniature village that the kids could play in.
There was a stream with magnetic fish that you could fish for at the pond. A tree house, a grocery store, a house, a restaurant. Upstairs there was a nursery with babies and all the things you need to take care of them. Downstairs there was a grocery store and bank (both of which Sterling robbed....should I be concerned??) and a few other things.

Another couple exciting areas where in the basement of the house. One was the construction site. In it you could see how a house is built, including the electrical and plumbing. As well as an area where you could practice interior design.
The other area was a setup of the three branches of government. Anyone guess what they are? Anyone? There's the legislative, which was a room with a podium that you could speak into facing benches, where the legislature would sit. Then there was the executive which was a mock set up of the Oval Office. I liked the people who sat in there better than the one that is in the real one. Kai made a great president talking on the phone and pushing buttons. She'll start a nuclear war yet! ;-) The final branch was the judicial. This was a court room where the kids could wear a judge's robe, sit in the witness box, jury box or at the defense or prosecution table. I do have to say that Sterling looks a BIT like a hostile witness!

One of the coolest things we tried was the Van de Graaf generator. It was so exciting that it made our hair stand on end! ;-) Ok, not funny, but still super cool and fun!
These were just a handful of the exhibits and fun things we did that day. There was so much more to see and do that we didn't get pictures of or didn't post the pictures of. It was definitely one of the most fun museums we've ever been to!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Fun

During the summer my MIL, Pat, does me the tremendous favor of kidnapping one kid at a time (except Joe and Cori who we had to combine this year) and letting them stay with her for a few days. This year, she took them to Nana Great's farm to stay with her and Nana Great. My kiddos sure had F-U-N! Incredibly, I don't think they even watched any TV and I suspect that they didn't even complain about it since they were kept so busy. I only have pics from when Sterling was there so I will post those and maybe if I end up with pics of the other kiddos I'll add those to a new post. 

Sterling and his cousin Sam got to hang out and swim

Uncle Erwin was kind enough to take my
city boy fishing and suprisingly...

Sterling managed to catch a couple of fish!
This was the bigger one that he caught.
The smaller one was used as bait.

Aunt Jana was also SUPER nice and let city boy play
farmer on the tractor. And, Yes, he is ACTUALLY driving it!
Of course we won't talk about how he almost ran over Aunt Jana.... ;-)

When Emmy went she had a tea party with her cousin Olivia.
 I heard it was a hit and everyone had a fun time.

While they were there, all the kids got to swim, run around, play card games and who knows what else! They also got to help take care of the goats which I think was a highlight for all involved! Even Kailyn got to spend one night with Nana and Nana Great. Eddie was still a little too young to go, but next year, he'll be ready!

I'm not sure what they did the whole time, but not one of them came home complaining about being bored and all of them want to go back! I'm amazed! We can't get through one day without hearing the dreaded "I'm bored" but they went several days with no computer or TV, just using their imagination and hanging out with Nana and Nana Great. I was so glad that they had the chance to do all those fun things that we just don't get to do here in the city or even if we could, to find the time and energy to do it with all 6!! I think it's great that they had the chance to spend time with their Nanas and to have that one on one time that they don't often get here at home. Thanks Pat for giving them such wonderful memories!

Robert Allen