Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Daddy's Girl

Kai loves to steal Daddy's hat.

And Daddy loves it too! 
I just love how she squeezes her little arms around our necks.

Oneof the sweetest things is seeing my two little princesses snuggling together each night.
We put Kai in her bed and she immediately grabs
 her pillow, blanket and ladybug night light
and climbs into bed with her big Sissy.
We can hear them laugh and talk and when we check in on them
we will often find Emmy reading to Kai. I adore my little girls! 

Kai climbed into her little pretend play pen
and Rob put Eddie in her lap.
 Those two little kiddos just love eachother!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

He's crawling!!

Way to go Eddie Boo Bear!

Conversations to Remember



Conversation #1: Cori comes into my room this morning sits on my bed and begins...

C: Mommy, babies come out of girls bottoms.
M: Ahhhh....Hmmm?
C: They come out of girls bottoms? I think. Babies do.
M: Yes Cori, they do. There's a special hole called a ____ that babies come out of. It's different from the ones a girl uses to pee or poop. It's just for babies.
C: I don't know how they squish out of your bottom.
M: (???) It hurts a lot.
C: Did you cry?
M: No, I didn't cry.
C: Okay.

I thought I handled that unexpected conversation well. And Cori is now more versed in childbirth. :-) A few moments later he came back in and began another conversation...

Conversation #2:

C: Did Jesus tell us to marry our friends?
M: Yes.
C: I'm going to marry Noelle. (A friend from church and preschool)
M: Why do you want to marry Noelle?
C: Because I love her!
M: Why do you love her?
C: Uh! Cause she's pretty!
M: (Uh, duh me! Why else would you love someone!)

I can see how talking bout babies could lead to talking about marriage, although I honestly hope to have those conversations in the opposite order when he gets older!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Let it snow!

We didn't spend any time outside these past few days. Not because of all the snow, but because of the single digit and smetimes sub zero temperatures! However, we did manage to have a little fun in the snow with previous (and slightly warmer) snow storms this year.

Ummm...yeah... I don't know either.
Snow chair by Sterling

Snow chair by Emmy

Snow bed by Joe
A Snowball Fight with Daddy

It took 2 days...

...countless hours, and MANY, MANY tries, BUT.....I FINALLY managed to create and apply my own background to my blog!! Wohoo! It's not great, and I can see where I need to improve, but I'm just happy that I finally got something that (kind of) works. I'll try something else another time but for now, I'm just leaving it as it is!

Robert Allen