Friday, January 28, 2011

It's been over 10 years...

...since I last saw you.
...since I told you I loved you
and heard you say it back.
....since I felt your hug.
and I could hug you back.
...since I heard you speak
or could listen to your advice.
...since you saw your grandson
or held him in your arms.
...since I had you here with me
where I could see you, touch you, talk to you.

Each day, each milestone, each moment
is tinged with sorrow
because you're not here
to share in it, to tell about it, or to see it.

I don't know why you had to go,
and I wish you could be here to watch as your grandhildren grow up.
To share in the cuddles and laughter, the accomplishments and sad times.
I didn't plan on you not being here for my life,
but I know that you are near.
Watching over us, laughing with us,
and sharing in all lifes big and little moments...
I just wish I could see you doing it.

I miss you Daddy!!

Your little girl

Me & my Daddy 1989

My Daddy and Sterling 12/12/2000

Kai and Eddie

 Eddie actually seemed to enjoy his breathing treatments!

 Kai is such a good mommy! Here she is taking care of her baby.
Night night baby!

 Rob and I went out to lunch one afternoon and took Eddie along with us
He looks so cute in this hat!

 He was hungry, I guess...

 Never seen this medical procedure before...toe suctioning???
Thanks for the concern Kai!


Eddie REALLY wants to crawl. He can get up on his hands
and knees, rock back and forth...but that's it.
 He does manage to get around by pushing himself on
his tummy. Soon enough though
he'll be ALL over the place! 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

What a handsome boy!

Our sweet little boy is already 6 months old! And sadly, I've never had professional pictures taken of him. So we were lucky enough to have an incredible friend who agreed to take some photos of Eddie. Here are just a few of the hundreds she took and the around 30 we narrowed it down to for editing. Thanks so much Shanna!

He's worrried about how the economy will affect Daddy's job with KDOT

He's a reverent boy!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Catching Up

Since the kids are in bed, I thought I would take a few minutes to (finally) update our blog. It seems like I can never find enough time to do this....can't figure out why... ;-)

On Decemer 19, Rob and I celebrated our 12th anniversary! I can't believe that we've been married a dozen years already! How I ever got so lucky to catch such a wonderful man is beyond me. We've had an incredible marriage and I've never regretted getting married at the ripe old age of 18 (and 1/2). We've had many, many wonderful things happen in our marriage like the births of our 6 incredible kiddos, vacations, quiet moments together, and countless other things. We've also gone through some terrible times together. Losing our son Robert Allen was by far the worst, but I wouldn't change any of it for all the world, the good or bad. The good times give us hope through the bad, but the bad is where we've grown to love and know eachother better. You can't even begin to love someone 'til you've walked through fire with them because that's when you see them at their worst and best and love them completely despite it. No matter how hard things are I know that Rob will always be by my side, supporting me and loving me, keeping me sane and happy.

Of course following our anniversary was Christmas! It was probably our largest Christmas so far, due to my incredible shopping savvy. Sterling and Emmy each got a Sansa Fuze 4GB mp3 player, compliments of Santa, as well as some other cool things. Joe got a Paper Jamz guitar from Santa and the corresponding amplifier from Grandma. Cori got Toy Story 3 and Toy Story Mania plug and play video game. Kai got lots of baby stuff like a high chair and play pen as well as some other toys. And Eddie got a weebles treehouse, which he admittedly doesn't seem to play with much....go figure! Each of the older kiddos also got a Sing-a-majig from Nana. If you don't have the privilege of owning one you have my sincere pity...maybe.

Not sure where he learned that gesture ;-)
Eddie playing on the ipad
On December 30, Eddie decided that he wanted a break from all the chaos at our house, so he proceeded to be admitted to the hospital for observation for low blood oxygen saturation levels! It was VERY peaceful and quiet there with just me and him, but we were lucky enough to have a friend come visit bearing dinner and an ipad to keep me occuppied. Thankfully he was released the next afternoon, just about 9 hours shy of New Years. This meant that the insurance will pick up the tab as our insurance didn't restart until January 1! Way to squeeze every last drop out Eddie! And most importantly, he was just fine. :-)

At our friend's baptism
New Years Eve was rather uneventful. The kids stayed up until midnight watching cartoons and went to bed soon after that. And on New Years day we had the incredible privilege of attending the baptism of some close friends of ours.

Since then life has been busy as always. The kiddos headed back to school after Christmas break and I was so relieved to see them go. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids and enjoyed having them home, but 6 kids home all day makes for a wild, loud, full house!

Robert Allen