Thursday, November 18, 2010


 Wow! October 24th huh? That was the last time I managed to blog. Sad isn't it? And so much has happened so I'll just cover a couple things right now. On Halloween we went to my mom's house where my sister hosted a Halloween party for the cousins and some friends. There was yummy food, cool games (including a treasure hunt) and fun activities. We had a Red Power Ranger, an elephant, a ninja, Mitchie from Camp Rock, a ghost pirate and a sea otter.

 And here is Roar-i (haha) the white tiger attacking Kailyn the elephant

What an adorable sea otter Eddie is! I loved his tail and his feet!

The red-eyed ghost pirate....kinda creepy!

 One of the games was wrapping Blake and another friend in toilet paper to look like mummies.
It was fun cleaning up all the toilet paper after wards!

The other "major" event was wacky hair day at school. Joe opted for a mow hawk.

 Sterling wore a headband.

And perhaps the wackiest hair of all...?
Emmy with her Cindy Lou Who-hair.

We have had other exciting happenings, but those stories will have to wait for another night.

Robert Allen