Sunday, October 24, 2010

hOPpy KAilYn

Kai went shopping with me the other night
and as we walked through Walmart, this is what she did:

This girl just cracks me up!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

PTC's for SEJC

On Wednesday we had Parent Teacher Conferences for Sterling, Emmy, Joe and Cori. Everything went pretty much as we expected...all the kiddos are being expelled. ;-) Just kidding. As always, the kids are doing great in school.

Cori was our first conference. He attends the Deaf and Hard of Hearing preschool as a peer model. His teacher, Ms. O, told us that Cori is doing well and finally starting to participate more in class. He likes to play with the other kids and often involves them in his playing. Apparently he like to be a plumber and "fix" the sink and phone in the kitchen area....didn't know plumbers fixed phones...To involve the other kids he allows them to be his helpers by holding his tools and stuff like that. He'll be a great boss someday!. I've been impressed with the amount of sign language that he is picking up and he really seems to enjoy it too!

Joe was next. Ms. S had only good things to tell us about Joe. In some ways I expected him to have the hardest time adjusting to school and having to sit quietly and all. But apparently he is doing wonderfully! He loves to give his teacher hugs and gets along well with all his classmates. He is proficient in almost all the areas that he needs to be and improving in the ones that he isn't proficient in.

Emmy is excelling as always! Her teacher told us that at the beginning of the year the students took a test over everything that they WILL be learning in 2nd grade. Emmy's score......98%!! That means that out of all the things that she is supposed to learn in 2nd grade she already knows 98% of them. She is in the highest reading group and reads with a 99% accuracy. Her teacher has her help other kids with their sight words since Emmy mastered those in Kindergarten. Ms. B tells us that when Emmy is done with her work she goes to the "I'm done" box and takes out multiplication or division worksheets to do while she waits...the problem is, they haven't learned that yet. LOL! Not to worry though, Emmy has taught herself to do them both!

Sterling is doing incredibly well this year also. He has all A's except one B. And two of his A's are 100%! He is doing and turning in all of his homework, which in previous years has been a struggle. Sterling really loves his teacher Mrs. K and she seems to be a wonderful match for him. Mrs. K likes for the students to attend their conferences and she had them fill out a sheet with questions about how they (the student) think they are doing and where they can improve. My favorite question "My goals for the future are: 'not to doze off when we are supposed to be working"! At least he's honest and according to his teacher, accurate! :-D

Overall, we couldn't be more proud of our kiddos! They are all doing so well and being such wonderful examples. We have truly been blessed with 6 amazing children and we are so glad that they are ours for forever! The Lord has blessed us beyond measure with such bright, precious spirits to care for and we are so grateful to Him.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Picture Day Hair Do Sneak Peak

We have discovered the art of rag curls and we LOVE it! Wll, I do anyway. Emmy pretty much just tolerates my new found obsession. The best thing about rag curling is that they are comfortable to sleep in and come out SUPER tight. After a couple of days to relax they give Emmy a beautiful soft curl. So as picture day is tomorrow we worked on her hair tonight so it's ready for tomorrow. And here it is:

My beautiful Princess! I just love her so much!

Robert Allen