Thursday, September 23, 2010

Some Cute Videos

Kai "shares" her binky

Kai feeds her baby and herself

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Picture Time!

It's not pretty, but it is reality!
It's sad, but we haven't had a family picture taken since I was pregnant with Kai. We're such slackers! So today we had our first photo shoot with all 6 kiddos. It really went well given that Kai and Eddie are so young. Trying to keep 6 kids' attention focused on the photographer was a bit of a challenge as was getting everyone to smile at the same time, but we did manage to get some really good shots. The studio we went to was Portrait Innovations and I have to say that I'm REALLY impresed with them. I think we'll be going back again for more pics whenever needed.

Cheeleader for a Night

The cute cheerleader

The cute hair do

Emmy got to be a cheerleader at the TWHS game tonight. We signed her up for a one day cheerleading clinic by the TWHS cheerleaders. As part of that, all the kids who signed up (K-5 grade) got to cheer for the first half of the game. She was so cute and even got a little silly as the night went on. We were really surprised by this since she is usually so reserved. Sterling, Joe and Cori all had fun watching the game and the band as well as Emmy cheering. Kai just liked the freedom to climb up and down on the bleachers. Eddie....well, he slept through most of it. We just happened to sit across the aisle from one of Sterling's friends from school and a couple rows in front of 2 kids in Cori's preschool class so there was plenty to entertain the boys! It was a fun family night out!  

Unfortunately we forgot the video camera so I had to use my phone for a video. You can't see her very well but this is a video of the kiddos cheerleading. She is in the 2nd row with the black skirt and white zebra mask on her head. Kind of in the middle of the screen (not the one with the pom-poms).
(Yeah, good luck finding her, I know)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cousin Fun and other Pics

That's a stick Ethros. Thanks for the nature lesson Cori!

Look at our sweet, happy Rori! She's saying happy birthday to her cousin Joe!

How many cousins does it take to ride a snow ski?

The next two pictures go together:
Notice Kai- She is unhappy that Ethan has taken her spot on the snow ski.
K: No Efan!! It's MY TURN!!
K:That's it! I will rip your head off if you don't remove yourself from MY toy!!

Ethan and Kai having a tea party on the deflated bouncer

Kai helping to "roll" out the air.

What a cute group of cousins!

Ike just loves his Grandma Kathi!

Ike taking Kai out to an expensive restaurant.
Reviews: The food tasted like plastic.

Cori is so good as to take his sister out for a ride in his black Cadillac Escalade.
What a HOT guy! ;-)

Emmy and her bus stop buddy. They always link arms and hold hands to ensure they sit by eachother. So stinkin' cute!

A view of Sterling you've never seen. Yes, this is really his skull from an xray at the orthodontist visit. Notice the lack of a brain....Emmy had the same problem.

Kai loving Hershey. She just loves animals just like her Aunt Megan!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Joe!

For Joe's 6th birthday he got to have his first ever birthday party with friends. Until this point we've always done a family party, but our tradition is that when you start kindergarten we switch to parties with friends. So we invited 6 friends and 4 were able to come. Joe decided that he wanted a LEGO party, so this was the invitation that I made for him.

My brother Taylor has connections so we were able to borrow a Blue's Clues inflatable bouncer for the day. (Thanks soooooo much Tay!!) The kids spent the first hour in there.

Then we came inside to open presents,

then we put some LEGOS together, which by the way, seems to be beyond my ability. I'm better off asking Sterling to do it!

Finally we ate cake!! It was a triple chocolate fudge with buttercream frosting. Excpet for the bumps, those were strawberry cupcakes, compliments of my sis-in-law Clara (Thanks Clara for letting me steal them!)


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Kai and Eddie

You know how some people accidentally put their keys in the fridge? Well, I sometimes accidentally put Kai in the fridge! OK, not really, but she does like to climb in there...go figure!

See, Eddie does love Kai....he really has no choice about it.

Eddie is so cute and chubby! I love his double chin!
One sunday for church we decided to create matching do's for Kai and Eddie. Aren't the mohawks great?! Sad thing is that Kai has about as much hair as Eddie!

And speaking of looking the you notice a resemblance between these two?

 Hehehe! For most of Sunday I couldn't remember the name of the guy I thought Eddie looked like, but after some searching on the internet I finally found him! The guy on the left is Ed Grimley (Martin Short) and Eddie is on the right.

Kai got a new carseat! I was so excited to get to buy a girly carseat instead of a gender neutral one!

Daddy and Eddie like to "watch" TV they do it with their eyes closed is beyond me!

Eddie likes to take baths now. If you look at his belly button you can kind of see his umbilical hernia....creepy!

Kai can fall asleep just about anywhere, if she's tired enough....

See! Even sitting in the computer chair!

Robert Allen