Thursday, May 27, 2010


Poor Joe got his first stitches today. We were at the park and he jumped on the merry-go-round and landed on his knees. He slid into the center where there is a big metal plate. The edges of the plate sliced into his knee. YUCK!!


We cleaned it off and his big concern was that I hurry and put a band-aid on it so he could go back to playing. I was kind of borderline about whether he needed stitches, but I called the dr who said it needed to be looked at. At ExpressCare the dr looked at it and peeled back the flap of skin and decided that it was deep enough to warrant stitches. Plus since it was on the knee, trying to keep the cut closed would be impossible since he would constantly be moving his knee. I gave him the choice of whether to have me come or not. I told him that if I came in with him he needed to not cry and scream and move around since the dr was concerned that my being there would encourage him to act up. Joe told me to wait in the room so he could cry and scream. So off he goes to get his stitches all by himself. I sat in the room and listened to him cry and yell, "Mommy! Mommy!". It broke my heart and I almost bawled. I have been in the room every time before while my kids have gotten stitches, staples and glue and I have to say, not being there is a million times worse. But he was very brave and did so well. The nurse said that even though he cried he didn't fight them or move around. In the end he got 3 stitches and was such a brave little boy! My poor little Joe Joe!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Fun

Today we had a blast in the backyard. We set up the Slip 'n' Slide and the kiddie pool and the kids spent about 1 1/2 hours playing in the water. Here's some pics to show our good time:



Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If You Feed Them, They Will Come

Geese. That's right, geese. All it takes is getting out of the van at the cemetery on 6th and Gage and the geese head straight for you, expecting a meal fit for a...well, goose I guess. My friend Danna and I took the kids (who weren't in school that day) to the goose pond. They had a lot of fun feeding the bread to the geese and ducks there. Kai Kai even fed a couple of them! When the goose took the bread from her hand she shrieked and giggled. After the first few times, though, she'd had enough and was content to just watch the other kids feed the geese while she ate some bread. When we left the geese were well fed and happy and we were minus a loaf of bread.

Riding My Two Wheelers!

Cori has reached a major milestone in his life. He has officially renounced his training wheels and now rides his "two wheelers"! The other day Rob offered to take off his training wheels and at first Cori declined saying that he wasn't big enough, but after a minute he changed his mind. After a few trial runs with Daddy hanging on Cori was able to ride on his own. It's amazing how quickly a kid can pick up this skill! He went from training wheels to none within about 10 or 15 minutes. He even mastered the art of skidding while stopping that same evening. To celebrate his accomplishment we went and bought him a "kick" (kickstand) so that his bike won't fall over in the garage. Now he tells us, "I love my new bike!" then he kisses his hand and pats the seat. What a strange, but "well balanced" little boy! ;-)

Cori Rides

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Last Soccer Game, Loose Teeth and Sisters

Saturday the kids had their last soccer games and we were so glad to have the season over with. Although the kids love to play soccer, with practices and games, nearly every day was taken up with something, so it's nice to have our evenings and weekends back! Part of the traditions for Jos and Cori's team is that on the last game, the coaches get colored hairspray to match their shirts and color the team's hair. Joe and Cori weren't really thrilled with the idea, but I chased them down and forced them to do it. I even got my hair colored to match. During the game, Joe scored 2 goals! He really loves to play! And Cori was running all over the field with very little prompting from the coaches! What an improvement from the beginning of the season. Emmy also scored a goal for her team, although I missed it (Darn it!). I think she also loves to play. She does really well keeping up with everyone and running wherever the ball is.

We had about an hour and a half before Sterling's games started so we headed to McDonalds to play inside where it was warm since it was so cool and windy that day. Kai Kai had a blast as did all the other kiddos. Then we headed back to Lake Shawnee for Sterling's game. Sterling played really well also, although he didn't get to score at all this game. After his game, their coach gave each of the kids a new soccer ball. That made his day!

Last night Emmy lost another tooth. It was the 2nd one in the middle on the top. So now she has this big gap in her teeth where she can stick her tongue out. At this rate she'll be toothless if she doesn't slow down and grow so more in before she loses another one.

After losing her tooth Emmy and Kai Kai decided to play around. They are such cute sisters and I hope that they continue to enjoy being together and playing. Kai especially enjoyed playing fetch with her big sissy. She would throw a ball and Emmy would crawl across the floor chasing it. Kai thought this was just hilarious! Oh, how easily entertained babies are!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

This Week...

On Sunday I watched all my neices and nephews while my brother John, his wife, Rob, Sterling and my sister Jordan went to John's house to clean up after his tenant moved out. So it was me, my five kids, John's 4 kids and Jordan's baby girl. That's 10 kids all 9 years and younger. 3 of them were 1 or under. I've decided that I don't want triplets. It was cRaZy! Luckily I had a wonderful helper...Cori. He liked to feed the babies and talked to them when they were crying. What a wonderful little boy!

On Monday night, Joe and Cori had their last soccer practice and it was quite a practice! They have had the most amazing coaches this year. It was a father and son team with the son just having turned 13 on monday. Apparently there is a rule that the last practice is fun. So Coach Snyder and his son planned an incredible time for the kids. They played soccer with a big blue ball and then they gave each kid a can of silly string. Oh my gosh! The kids LOVED it! They thought it was the coolest thing ever! After picking up most of the string they then opened some bags of tootsie rolls and starbursts and let the kids pig out. They had one happy team after that!

Yesterday morning Emmy lost another tooth. It was one of the top teeth. She's so cute with missing teeth!

And although I don't have any pics of it, Sterling had his last violin concert of the year. He did wonderful, of course. He also informed us that next year he'd like to try the...clarinet? Where'd that come from? Hello, Rob and I both play brass instruments! I can't help but wonder where we went wrong with him to have him considering a woodwind. Well, at least we have the summer to convince him to go brass!

This is cutie Kai Kai. I took this pic on my phone then edited it on my computer. In case you're wondering, yes, that is the natural color of her eyes. I didn't alter them at all. I just love that little girl!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

First Steps!

Kai Kai FINALLY took her first steps on Monday, May 3rd. Rob and I decided that she needed to practice walking back and forth between us. Usually we can't get her to let go of us, but this time, she just took off. She managed about 3-4 steps before she got to Rob. She was soooo excited! And so were we! Way to go big girl!
The video is compliments of big brother Sterling and big sissy Emmy.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The End of an Affair

Today was the end of a long chapter in Rob's life, one that has been going on longer than we've been married. It all started in High School and has continued since. At times it was very intense, and at others only a rare occurence. The names have changed over the years, but the most recent affair has been going on for nearly as long as we've been married. Almost 11 years ago he found her but he has decided that it is time to at say goodbye to this great love of his. He just doesn't have the time for her anymore. What, with a wife and baby #6 on the way she didn't get the use that she once did. So, although he is saddened by this change he accepts that it is time to move on. For a final hurrah, he took her out, one more time. Just him and his boat, Inferno.

Rob and Sterling in Inferno 2001

Rob and Kailyn in Inferno 2010

Poor guy! At least she'll be well taken care of by her new owner and get used like she deserves. Perhaps, years from now, Rob can take up his affair with a new boat and continue his prestigious rowing career when the kids are older and there is more time. Until then, he'll just keep running and dreaming of that far off day. Goodbye Inferno! You were a great boat! (well, so I've heard anyway!) ;-)

Robert Allen