Thursday, August 20, 2009

A rainy play date

A few weeks ago we had the chance to go to Emporia to meet one of my friends that I've known since elementary school and her hubby and kids. We had planned on a picnic and a trip to the zoo. Unfortunately, within minutes of meeting up with them it started to rain...not just sprinkle, but rain! So we headed to the zoo anyway and found a shelter nearby where we could eat lunch. Well, eat we did...go to the zoo we did not. The kids spent a wondeful, memorable 3 hours playing in the rain and puddles and mud! My friend Edith and I just talked and tried to catch up on eachothers lives. By the time it was time to go, the kids were wet and oh so dirty! Of course neither one of us had planned to have kids get soaked and muddy so, no extra clothes were to be had. Luckily for me, Rob's Grandma just lives 10-15 minutes away in Olpe. So I packed up the dirty little buggers and headed there. His Grandma was nice enough to let me wash both kids and clothes at her house before we headed back to Topeka. We were also fortunate that Paula, Rob's cousin, was there with her 3little kiddos. So they got to play for a couple more hours with their cousins and spend some time with Nana Great. Nana Great had a scary mask that I just HAD to try on Kai-Kai....Adorable huh?

On the way back from Olpe we stopped in a little park that has a tank and helicopter on display. The kids climbed all over the tank and they were kind enough to pose for a few photos to please me. Overall a very fun, rainy, wet, muddy, exhausting, exciting day!

Bugs and School

So the kids have started school and are gone for now. Cori gets out at 11:30am and Sterling and Emmy get out at 3:30pm. So right now it's me, Joe and Kai-Kai. Joe was outside riding his bike when he spotted "two bugs"! So according to him I just had to come check it out. (This was after I had already come out to see the worm in the front.) Well, what he saw wasn't "two bugs" as he'd suspected. Just one. But it was pretty cool...

It was a locust (or cicada if you prefer) who had just shed it's skin and was drying. We moved it onto the table to get better pictures and a better look at it. Fascinating isn't it?

As I mentioned, 3 of my 5 kiddos are in some form of school this year. Sterling is in 3rd grade and has Mrs. Bolejack (pronounced Bully-jack). He loves it so far. The big excitement of the moment is that they get planners in 3rd grade. (Ooooooooo!) Rob or I have to intial it every day showing that we saw it. Unfortunately, Sterling is well on the road to criminal activities. He has already practiced the art of forgery. Yep, he forgot to have me sign the planner and so he forged my initials. (LOL) It's funny, but not. We talked to him about it (it's wrong/illegal/dishonest) and hopefully will not happen again. Kids!

Emmy is in 1st grade and as always is loving school. The only problem she has is that the work is too easy for her. Poor girl! ;-) Her teacher is Ms. Hayes and she seems really nice too. Emmy was thrilled to get her because Ms. Hayes has a reading loft in her classroom. Soooo Cool!

Joe gets to stay home with me this year. Unfortunately, Rob and I have made too many good decisions in our lives (being married, graduating High School, not having a baby as a teenager, no drugs, no problems with SRS, etc.) to qualify for "at risk" status. Since we don't qualify there are no preschool programs available to us...that we can afford anyway. We could pay hundreds of dollars a month to do private preschool (glorified daycare) but 1. We can't afford it 2. Even if we could I wouldn't pay that much for something I can do at home myself. Forgive the diatribe, I'm a little annoyed at our current system's catering to those who seem to make poor decisions then expect the rest of us to bail them (or their kids) out. Anyway, I'm doing a little preschool with him here at home (with books donated by my lovely sister-in-law Clara) and it also gives Joe and I some nice one on one time.

Cori-o is going to preschool 4 days a week from 8:300am-11:30am. (3 year olds don't have to qualify for at risk...yet anyway) He has Joe's teacher from last year, Ms. Carol. We love her! He is just thrilled to get to stay all morning and play with toys and in the "backyard" (playground). He and Jake see eachother at recess and apparently play together without Cori being mean to him.

Kai-Kai is just as adorable as ever. She is growing so fast! On the 18th she turned 6 months old. It seems like we just brought her home from the hospital and here she is sitting

and rolling over and talking to us. Why do they grow so fast? She is such a joy to all of us. All the kids love her, a little too much at times. And she is still a very ahppy, content baby. She doesn't cry often, but she does scream. Happy or mad she screams! She weighs about 18lbs now and has rolls behind her knees!

Such a cute fat baby!

I know, I always post more pics of her...Can't help it!

A note from Kai:
cvvvvvvvvvvv ...............mjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjhnm hbjhbnjhn dsfz n cv nm1az X D BCVF CV

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Favorite Things...

I love this song. It is so me!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Vacation to Remember...Part I

Well, I don't have many pictures of our vacation since I forgot to bring our camera. But here are a few that I was able to get on my phone....

The trip begins....
We left Topeka around 11:30pm on Thursday July 30. Not suprisingly the kiddos didn't last long. Aren't they all so cute sleepin' and NOT fighting!

I really like driving at night, except that I get tired. So I drove for a few hours before turning it over to Rob. We got to Longmont, CO, where my sister's-in-law parents live, around 8:00am. We spent the day packing and getting ready to leave the next morning around least that was the plan. Reality was that we didn't leave until 7:00am. The trip was supposed to be about 8 hours long, but alas, as we should have known it took longer. We stopped almost every hour for the entire trip. We had potty brakes, car trouble, and water breaks among other things. It ended up taking us over 10 hours. Which unfortunately got us onto the lake around 6 or 7pm. The HUGE downside to this was that we ended up having to set up camp in the complete dark. This is not a good plan as anyone who's gone camping before can probably tell you. Stumbling around in the dark trying to find clothes, tents, sleeping bags, etc. Where's good place for the tent...can't see much of anything...trippin over the rocks, running into salt cedar bush tree things. Fun Fun Fun! The last load got to shore sometime around 8:30 or 9:00pm. And no one had had dinner yet which made for some very impatient and hungry kids. The result of setting up the tent in the dark was discovered in the morning when we found several ants in our tent. The "friendly" little buggers had come to welcome us to their territory and kindly point out that we'd set up right next to their pretty little ant hill. We moved the tent. Smart of us wasn't it? Each day was pretty similair. We got up applied sunscreen (VERY important step!!!), ate breakfast, floated in the water or swam to "Lizard Island" which wasn't really an island, just the opposite shore, but hey it had to be called something...sunscreen, then a trip to the marina (for some), lunch, sunscreen and then some activity like tubing, banana boating (is that a real term??), or one day a boat ride to Defiance house, more sunscreen. In the evening we did more swimming/floating, dinner, then dessert with Clara's aunts, uncles and cousins the next camp over. Finally some time around the fire then bedtime for the kids, followed later by the adults. They were long, sunny, windy (which is apparently unusual for Lake Powell) busy, fun and relaxing days.
Part II will be appearing soon....or as soon as I get a chance to update the blog again....

Robert Allen