Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blessing Pictures

Kailyn was blessed by Rob today in church. It was a beautiful blessing. Here are some pictures of her in her gown and with family...unfortunately I forgot to get a picture of her with my mom. Ugh!! Stupid me!


John and Clara's Family with Kailyn

Scott holding Kailyn...How cute!!!!

Taylor holding Kailyn
Tay:I'm going to eat you!!!
Kai:AHHHHHH!!! Help

Jordan and Blake holding Kailyn

Megan holding Kailyn and Larry NOT holding Kailyn...I don't understand you Larry...


Kailyn in her BEAUTIFUL blessing gown

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Life with Kailyn

Alright, I'm sure everyone is anxiously awaiting more information on Kailyn. So since I have a few spare moments I'll give you the low down on life with Kailyn.
We are all so excited to finally have her here in our family. It was a long journey to get her here, but it has been worth every tear shed and every grief suffered. She is a sweet little girl. She sleeps well and eats well. She only cries when she needs something, like food or sleep or Cori to not bug her...She is sooooo fun to watch when she sleeps. She makes hilarious faces. Here is an example of what I'm talking about:

Rob and I could watch her for hours. I love to just hold her. It seems that she's already growing up too fast. Rob just rolls his eyes whenever I say that. Each of the kids adores her and I can't get Cori to leave her alone. He loves to talk to her, kiss her, hug her and just in general annoy her. He likes to make her sing too:

Kailyn's first month of life has been exciting for her. She's already visited Manhattan twice, gone to the zoo (apparently not too exciting cause she slept through the entire thing! Including the Giraffes attempts at ummm...piggy back rides?) gone to the park and gotten her first tattoo (a butterfly)!!! (Thanks to Joe's preschool teacher Ms. Carol!)

She is already wearing jewelry compliments of my friend Susan Hainline (THANKS!!!)

Oh, and she already had her first "professional" photo shoot at JCPenney (photos to come later) where she was calm and professional the whole time with hardly any crying including through the outfit change. What an incredible little girl! Overall she is everything we could have hoped for and more!

Pregnancy Updates

* 02/18 Kailyn Almina was born at 10:29am. 8lbs 13oz and 20 inches long! We love you baby girl!!!
* 02/17 Labor started at about 11:00 pm
* 02/11 Ok this is ridiculous! Still only 1 1/2 cm!!!!
* 02/04 Still only 1 1/2cm....UGH!!
* 01/29 dr. appt, only 1 1/2 cm dilated
* 01/21 Start weekly appts., baby is head down and I'm 1cm dialated
* 01/06 Routine appt., baby is doing well!
* 12/19 Another appt. Baby is growing like it should, heartbeat strong.
* 12/05 Dr. appt. all is well, nothing exciting to report
* 11/18 Sono, got adorable pics...will post eventually, saw baby kick me, and baby yawning twice!!! So cute! The kids all were there and loved it!
* 11/14 Dr. appt, baby is doing fine!
* 10/21 Sono, Rob knows what it is (maybe, there was a ? on the pic with the gender typed on it)!! I don't know . No, he's not allowed to tell!!! Baby looks good & weighs about 1lb.
* 10/07 20 weeks!!!!!! Halfway there! Baby moves all the time, Rob felt baby move
* 10/06 19 wks 6 days, we've gone farther than with Robert Allen!!!
* 10/03 Sono, baby looks great, right on target for due date, heartrate 150
* 9/23 Dr appointment, heartbeat strong, baby moving every day now
* 9/09 baby moves
* 8/25 Dr appointment, heartbeat still there, everything good so far!!!!!!
* 7/28 First appointment, heard heartbeat!!
* 7/08 Sono reveals presence of a baby and heartbeat!
* 6/26 results HCG 5,292; Sono scheduled for 7/08
* 6/25 3rd blood test
* 6/19 results in HCG up to 149 - Great!
* 6/18 2nd blood test
* 6/17 results in Progesterone 26, HCG 60 - Lookin' good!
* 6/16 Called Dr, first blood test, Due Feb 24, 2009
* 6/15 Found out we were Pregnant!!

Robert Allen