Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

So we've had a pretty busy time since Thanksgiving with birthdays and parties and a baptism...so I haven't had the chance to update the blog yet. So really quick, Emmy had her princess party on Dec. 5th. She had several little girls over and they all were dressed up as princesses. We had a "banquet" with plastic champagne glasses and puch. We played games, made crowns, made bracelets and just had lots of fun! Normally I make some really cute cake, but Emmy and I decided to do cupcakes this time and let them decorate them on their own. They had a lot of fun! Luckily my friend Danna came over and helped me out with all the wild little girls. THANKS DANNA!!!!!!!

The next week on the 12th we had Sterling's birthday party. He had 4 friends over and we had a detective party. They identified fingerprints, matched hair/fiber samples, bootprints, smells and sounds. Then they had to use the info they gathered to decide which suspect committed the crime. Afterward, we brought the cake out, but it had gone missing and the boys had to do a scavenger hunt all over the house to find it. They seemed to have lots of fun also. in fact one little boy told it was the best party he'd ever been to. Sterling's cake was easy this year too, I did a magnifying glass. Fun, Fun, Fun!!

On Saturday the 13th Sterling got baptized!! We are so proud of him for making the decision to be baptized. He has been trying really hard to do what is right and we are just so lucky to have him as our son. Conratulations Sterling! We lvoe you soooo much!

Finally the last big event happened last night...Sterling lost his first tooth! Yea!! Finally! The tooth fairy even made a visit leaving a whole dollar for him! It took a little work to get that stubborn tooth out. We spent all evening wiggling and pulling it. Finally at bedtime he agreed to let me tie a string around it and try to pull it out that way. It took 5-6 tried but finally it popped out. It apparently hurt cause he cried quite a bit and then when he saw the blood he got even more upset. I guess we should have prepared him for that. After he calmed down he said he was glad it was out so he could eat regular food and not soft food anymore.

Overall it's been busy, but fun! And just think, Christmas is only 9 days away!!!! And of course before that Rob and I will celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Can you believe it! It's been the best 10 years of our lives! RIGHT ROB!!!!!!!????? That's what I thought. ;-)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mom Songs

Oh yeah! This is sooooooo my life!

Robert Allen