Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Today is JoJo's 4th birthday. He's gotten to be such a big boy. We had his party last night at my mom's house. My mom, Scott, Jordan, Blake (Jordan's Boyfriend), Taylor, Pat and Bruce (Rob's parents), Rebecca and Jason (Rob's sister and her husband), and a friend from Mom's ward were there. We had a BBQ with lots of good food and conversation. Jo got lots of presents that he loved. Guns, cowboy hat, Darth Vader cape, Indiana Jones satchel, construction set, a book, a movie, TMNT weapon and mask set, and an Indiana Jones whip. He was so excited to open each of his gifts, of course Cori was mad that he didn't get any. It's hard to explain to an almost three year old that he'll get some at his birthday next month. For Jo's cake I made a dragon that I found the directions for online. It turned out pretty cute, I think. Overall, we had lots of fun and Jo was spoiled rotten! Thanks to Pat for the pictures! We didn't think to bring our camera.

Robert Allen