Sunday, March 30, 2008

Romance is in the air

Well, I'm not sure we're ready for it, but we may need to plan a couple of weddings soon. Sterling and Emmy are both in love. Some might say that 7 and 5 are too young to know what love is, but we can't convince them otherwise...and besides, they are mature for their ages.

Sterling's love is none other than a girl in his class named Quinn. They've known each other for almost 2 years now. They met in kindergarten and their love has blossomed. The amazing thing, Sterling's friend Jack doesn't like Quinn and doesn't want to sit by her at lunch, yet Sterling persists despite Jack's displeasure! Now that's true love!

Emmy's love life is a little more complicated. She is in love with two "men". One is Jake, a much older man of almost 10 years. The second is a younger man of 4 named Dominic. He is in her preschool, but Jake and Emmy have known each other since her birth. So, it's the new guy versus the old guy. Which will it be? Will long term friendship turned love trump new love? Who's to say. Emmy's wedding plans flip flop often (depending on who she was with last!). It's Jake and then it's Dominic. Back and forth. The latest version is that if Dominic won't have her she'll marry Jake. One other minor factor (and it could be deciding) Jake does not seem interested in marriage at this stage of life. In fact when asked by me and his mother if he would marry Emmy he promptly replies "No!" Can we say"Fear of committment"! We'll keep you posted on any further developments...although we're not sure where either Sterling or Emmy will get money for rings should it come to that.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Budding Author?

Ahh...another lovely day! Well, we received a phone call a couple days ago from a woman at KTWU (our local PBS station) with a cryptic message. You see, Sterling has written and illustrated a book for a contest that KTWU holds each year for K-3rd graders. The child writes and illustrates his/her own story and then submits it to KTWU for their contest. It has to be an original piece of work and the kids do all the work themselves. (Well, mostly. I did type it for Sterling, but he made it up and drew the pictures) Anyway, they award 1st-3rd place in each grade level and I believe there's an overall best book. Well, the woman asked if we planned on being at the ceremony on April 9. Rob said we were planning on it. She said that was good. That she was just calling to make sure we would be there because "we would be very disappointed if we weren't". We were also asked not to tell Sterling as other children in his school submitted work but would not be receiving a phone call. We can only conclude that Sterling has placed and will be receiving an award! This is the second year he has done this and last year he did not place. Although everyone gets a ribbon and certificate just for participating. We are so excited for him, but of course he does not know! We will keep you updated as to the results of the contest. And, please, don't say anything to Sterling!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

To Colorado and Back!

Well, we have had our first trip of the year and overall it was successful. I left Wednesday morning to drive to John and Clara's with just me and the kids. It was a long trip, but the kids were pretty well behaved. It's the first time I've driven that far by myself with the kids. I dreaded going figuring that they would fight the whole time or cry because they needed something and I couldn't get it for them. Neither happened. The kids think the highlight of the trip was stopping at McDonalds on the way to CO and back home to KS. Shows how often we go out to eat I guess. They loved seeing and playing with their cousins and cousin-in-law. We had a picnic on the mountain, a bike ride, an Easter egg hunt and playing at the park. One night we made a fire in the backyard and made smores. YUM! Also, Clara managed to find time to cut all my kids hair as well as color her and my and her moms hair. We all look really good! I figure that we'll have to go out to CO at least once a year to get haircuts. The way I see it the cost of the trip will be offset by the money we save by having Clara do our hair! Well, that's what I'll tell Rob anyway... It was great to see John and Clara and the kids as well as Allen and his fiancee, Megan. I got to help get wedding invitations ready to be mailed. And I'm even invited to the wedding!! Go figure. Yea!! It was such fun and the trip back home was pretty good too. It helped that Rob was there and could drive while I helped the kiddos. We finally got back home at about 12:15 am on Monday. Thanks for the good time John and Clara! And thanks for letting us take over the house for a few (loooooong) days! ;-)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The year in Overview!

Well, since my brother John got a blog, we decided that we would too. This way we can keep in touch easier and exchange pictures without having to email them.

February was a exciting month for us. We welcomed a new nephew into the family (Hello Isaac Balsmeier!!) and my younger brother Allen (or Larry if you prefer) got engaged to his girlfriend. They plan to get married in April if all goes according to plan. We are thrilled for them!

This year is shaping up to be one of a lot of travel for us. I was able to go to Colorado for a week to hang out with my brother and his wife and their family after Isaac was born. I "helped" Clara out with the kids (mostly I just played with them and held Isaac!). I had lots of fun, but was glad to come home to my little kiddos. It's amazing how much I missed the little monsters....err...ummm..sweeties. They are so excited to go to Colorado over spring break to visit their Uncle and Aunt and cousins. Plus, we get to stay in a hotel and swim! Wohoo!! And now it looks like there will be a trip to Utah also for Uncle Allen's wedding! Finally this December we are planning on going on a vacation to....Disney World!! That will probably be the highlight of the year (sorry, Colorado and Utah just don't compare in their minds!) We have been saving up and planning this trip for about a year now and the kids keep wondering when we'll be leaving.

Other exciting events this year: Emmy will be starting kindergarten next fall, JoJo will hopefully start preschool and Sterling will be getting baptized as he will be turning 8 this December.

Overall this year seems to be shaping up pretty good. We look forward to all of the exciting adventures we will have on top of the everyday adventures (like getting four kids dressed and ready every morning) that we will experience. Our kids are growing so fast and learning so much. We'll just hang on for the ride and hope we come out of it in one piece!

Robert Allen